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Northeast Newbie :)

Hi everyone :)
Just found your fantastic site :wavey:
I started my 'diet' a few months back and so far i have lost nearly 2 stone :) seem to be a bit stuck now so have joined here to get some tips n stuff.

I have decided to start the slimming world program but i cant get to a class :( so myself and my mam have decided to follow it but to support each other with our own mini weekly weigh-ins.

I went to weightwatchers a few years ago and got to my goal weight but after a while old habits started creeping back in. After falling pregnant in 2007 i kinda lost track in a big way.

A few months ago i decided enough was enough and i had to do something as i was very unhappy with myself, so here i am.... i have so far lost just short of 2 stone (only 3 left to go) but i seem to have got to a point where its either not coming off or not coming off fast enough.

Anyway enough of my life story lol i just wanted to say Helloooooooo and that i have already had a quick mooch round and you are all a fantastic inspiration to me xxx
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Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hey hun and :welcome:
You've done such a great loss so far doing those 2 stone so very well done for that!
I totally understand what you mean about "keeping still" weight wise when you don't lose anything, I've just gone through that this week and have infact put 2lb ON instead of off :raincloud:

You've come to the right place anyway, we're all here to support and inspire each other, I've only been here a few days and I love it already and am addicted to posting and reading everyone elses journey.

Its fab to have a fellow north easterner on board too ;) I've got 4 stone to lose, ideally - I'd be happy to get another 1 off then I'll look better again but I want to be back to 9st if poss *fingers crossed!*
Hi and :welcome: to the forums, congrats on your weight loss so far! Everyone on here is lovely and there is plenty of support and advice available!
Onwards and Downwards
Sharkbait1983 x
Hello you! Welcome to MiniMins, hope you have a lovely time here with us!

Nice to hear you and your mum are doing it together! Must be lovely to have that support and motivation :)

There is a link in my signature for a little support group/team we have going, feel free to check it out and join in the challenge. It's never too late to join :) Just add your name and target loss for September to the list, then update after each WI!

Ali xxx

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hellooo.. just wanted to give you a fellow north easty welcome :D
Oh and another north east lass! Cool to have a few of us on board ;) I know you're not new but howdy anyway :D


Losin the baby weight :-)
Oooo - and another!! :D :D :D

Welcome pet! :welcome:

This is definitely the best place to come for help, advice, a whinge, a celebration! Anything goes and everyone is dead helpful!

I am doinf SW with my boyfriends Mam which has really helped me at times - seeing as she cooks for us every Sunday and we are always getting food donations off them!

Good luck with your weightloss love - you have done so well already! x x
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i feel so loved:bananalove: thank you all for the lovely welcomes

its great to see so many northeasteners (lol) here aswell, hope you all didnt get rained on too much today :(

Katerpillar: food donations are great arent they lol, im not the best in the kitchen so my mam normally makes huge batches of stuff like chilli or home made winter broth mmmmmmm yummy so i always have a freezer full of little tubs ready to defrost lol. i have just printed off some nice SW recipies so she can work her magic with them ;)

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