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Northern Ireland - anyone been?


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I live in Northern Ireland but originall a Londoner, and I think it is agreat part of the world,we get a lot of American tourists and they usually head for the Giants Causeway, bushmills distillery tour, you will find great bars and resturants,belfast is a great city. depends what you like to do .


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Yes, I agree! I lived in NI for about 5 years and whenever we had visitors we headed to the Giants causeway and Bushmills:D!
It is a lovely place!


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I'm born American actually, but have lived over here for 20 years, so I feel as much from here as I do from the US! My b/f has a fascination for N. Ireland though. Giants Causeway does intrigue me, that's true. But apart from that, I really don't know what's there. Could I drive there? Like just get in my car and drive there? What's the most economical way to do it, apart from camping which I don't mind but my b/f isn't into it. So it'd have to be B&B... though self catering is fine too.


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My husband and I used to go from time to time as his kids lived there until quite recently. I definitely second the recommendation for the Giant's Causeway, it's amazing.

We found the cheapest way to get there was to drive up to Stranraer/Cairnryan and get the ferry across to Larne from there.
I'm from belfast (just outside it), and if I was visiting here I would come in May, June July or Aug, as this is when we have a bit of sunshine. I recommend a b&b, maybe outside belfast, as youy can travel in by bus or train etc. Giants causeway is around 60miles away, you can drive up and it's quite straight roads, well sign-posted. It's a nice day trip. You could also go to portrush or portstewart for a few days, as there are nice beaches. They are close to bushmills and G.causeway.
When are you thinking of coming over?
If you need any more help or advice just pm me x


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I've got some time off at the end of March. I know it's not the best season for weather, etc, but it's when I have the time off, and I kind of like "off season". It's quieter normally. That's good to know about the straight-forward driving. I get nervous if it's too complicated and I don't know where I am!

Would staying near the coast be a bad idea at the end of March?
I can't give much advice as went years ago, but remember it being very beautiful.

On the day we went to the Giants Causeway we also went to this place with a scary (very long) rope-bridge over to a little island. it was really cool. Anyone from there, do you know where this is? Is it at the Giant's causeway of elsewhere.

Belfast itself is great too...


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I've seen a picture of the rope bridge thing. I think I would soil myself going over that!!! But I'd probably make myself do it, just for the adrenalin rush... but I get a bit freaky with heights.
Ha ha! I'm not scared of heights, but do remember being terrified - especially when the funny bloke in front of me started rocking it!!! Yeah, very funny no*head!
Think its the carrick a rede rope bridge ur talkin about , i live just outside belfast too , havent done the bridge myself maybe give it a go once ive shifted this weight lol
Think its the carrick a rede rope bridge ur talkin about , i live just outside belfast too , havent done the bridge myself maybe give it a go once ive shifted this weight lol
Me either, me and my boyfriend went last year but it was shut due to bad weather, I was sooo glad though haha!
Where abouts are you from? I'm in Dunmurry x
Maybe I'll call in for cuppas at all your houses! :p
Fine by me lol! Might even be able to stretch it to a nice mug of choc options lmao x


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Right you local types :)... I'm looking at two nights on the Antrim Coast but then on the Sunday (22nd March) going to Belfast for a look around and stopping over before travelling back to Bristol on Monday (23rd March). Does anyone know of anywhere to stay overnight that doesn't cost too much? It's me and my partner... our first ever holiday together (we've been seeing each other 8 years)! But we don't really have that much to spend. Suggestions?
Are you coming over by car?

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