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northern ireland girl new here !!!

hi ppl im new here was here in jan but havent been on since til today i need some support :sigh:

im kerrie 26 from newcastle in county down im 17 stone and NEED to get a lot off !!!

my boyfriend is overweight aswell so wer going to try it together we got the xenical tabs from the doctor so if anyones has tried them please give me advice on wat to eat with them so you dont get the orange oil leeks lol

really need to know wat to eat with them cos not strting them until i do , how is everyone ?

im hoping this will be the start of a new improved me as confidence is very low atm thanks for reading xx
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Hi Kerrie,

Welcome to MiniMins:welcome:

I have moved your post to the Xenical forum in the hope that someone will be along shortly who might be able to answer your question about it.


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Hi Kerrie,
The most important thing to remember is that any food you eat should contain no more that 5g of fat per 100g (most foods will tell you this on the packet), and each meal you eat must contain no more than 15g of fat in total.

As long as you're sensible and stick to a low fat diet, you shouldn't ever have to experience the orange oil or any kind of leaking :eek:

Some people on Xenical just count fat content, others count calories too (myself included), and we also have a few people following Slimming World and Weight Watchers.
Like I say, you don't necessarily need to follow any sort of official 'plan' as long as you're eating sensibly and healthily, and watching the fat content you'll be fine.

As far as specific foods go, it's hard for me to give you specific advice because it all depends what you like to eat!
There are loads of diaries here on the Xenical forum. Why not have a look around and get some inspiration that way? The link to mine is at the bottom of this post, but I must admit, my diet can be a bit mundane, so there are probably better ones out there!
I tend to stick to soups, beans on toast, salads etc. at lunchtime, and for dinner I usually have a low-fat ready-meal with extra veg or salad to bulk it out a bit. Either that or I'll have a stir-fry (using fry-light) with noodles or a home made risotto, chilli etc.
Quorn is pretty good if you haven't already tried it. It's good in things like bolognese and chilli because it absorbs the flavour of the sauce and is nowhere near as high in fat as normal mince. Their sausages/fillets etc. are arrarently pretty good too.
For snacks I tend to go for fruit, Alpen Light bars, Mini Milk lollies, sugar-free jelly, WW deserts, raisins, Oatybars and that kind of thing. And I do allow myself the odd Curly Wurly (these are not within the fat allowance for Xenical but I've never had any problems)

My only other advice would be to drink PLENTY of water (add juice to it if you want to). Xenical can make you a little bit constipated in the beginning, but drinking lots of water will help with that and will help you stay fuller for longer.

And lastly, don't be afraid of the tablets. I know how many horror stories there are out there from people who've had the side-effects, but in my experience, they are the people who didn't make the effort to eat a low fat, healthy diet.
And it's not 'all or nothing' with the side effects either. If you eat a couple of grammes of extra fat, you're not suddenly going to be on the loo all day. Side effects range from slightly oily or orange bowel movements to the side-effects you described (which you won't get as long as you're sensible!)

Good luck with your goals Kerrie, and keep posting. There are lots of people on Xenical here who will give you loads of good advice and support (but I think they're all out enjoying the sunshine at the moment!)
alex thanks so much for ur advice im sure this is going to be the start of a much needed new me !!! i started on antidepressants 9 yrs ago and from then ive ballooned out but im now trying to get it under control as i have never been bale to lose weight before , so this is my 1st time actually going to do it ........

i know the wethers lovely but it is so hot today im sitting here with the fan on me lol thanks again alex i got few good tips there xx


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Hi and welcome, I am on week 4 of Xenical and on this board and am really enjoying it. It isn't difficult. I have had side effects and in the 1st week I couldn't identify why so I think it was maybe my body adjusting. Since then I know why I have had the side effects and have adjusting my eating and they have gone. It is a great way of training you in what is right and wrong so good luck.


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Hi Kerry, and welcome. Listen to what Alex has to say, she knows what she's talking about and it's all good advice. Post on the forum often, we all had loads of questions at the beginning so ask away, there is always someone around to help. Exercise is also key, even if it's just a walk to the end of the street to begin with. Plenty of lovely walks in your part of the country! Drinking loads and loads of water is also really important. Good luck from another County Down girl :D

KB x


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Hiya Kerrie and welcome :wavey: Good luck on your weight loss journey


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Hey Kerrie!

I'm also from NI :)

I'd advise avoiding mayonnaise as much as possible. ;)


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hey there :) well done on joining here thats the biggest thing you can do on your weightloss journey , support is vital :) and minis is wonderful for that...

xenical changed my life .. its not always easy but its great xx

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