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Norway.........92 dead


synful soul
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Whilst it is right and proper we respect the death of Amy Winehouse and make our tributes we must also remember the 92 who have died today in Norway. Most of them young people from 14 to 19 years old.

Their deaths are shocking. How someone can dress as a policeman and then shoot them in cold blood as they ran towards him for help and protection, I do not know or can begin to comprehend. How anyone can kill I do not know.

My heart and my thoughts go to the parents of these young people. Parents who believed their children were safe and cared for in the best environment possible and also to the families of the adults who died in the bomb blast in Oslo.

May they all rest in peace.

BBC News - As it happened: Norway attacks aftermath
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This is so shocking I can't believe any human can do this to another human. Those poor people he killed had a life, family, friends and he has taken that away from them and their loved, what right has anyone got to do this. Most of them were teenagers who were just getting ready to enter their adult years, have careers, fall in love, have a family and that evil man has taken it from them. They had no chance. R.I.P to all the victims.


synful soul
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Nice post fillymum. I think it's shocking the news in Norway has been over shadowed

It's almost unimaginable that one person could cause so much devastation. It looks like the death toll could rise further :(
Their lives were taken from them. They did not take their lives. They had no choices.


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I couldn't agree more about the deaths in Norway.. I was stunned when I heard the news. To be honest I thought I had miss heard the location at first.. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

However I had no idea Amy Whinehouse had killed herself!!!!! Very sad for her family but also not surprising!!


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Shocking and devastating :(
I have children of a similar-ish age (16, 20 & 23) and can't stop thinking about this tragedy. My heart goes out to the parents and relatives and friends of the victims.


synful soul
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The church service today was moving beyond believe. Those poor families who have lost their children. I was moved to tears. I can not imagine outliving our son .............

We have a lot of Norwegian clients. Today not one came to the center.

On Spanish T.V. this morning they said we have 80.000 Norwegians in our small area. All of them must have been so affected.

My love goes to them all.


synful soul
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It is so sad seeing the survivors of the massacre talking on T.V. but I have to say what eloquent and thoroughly nice kids they appear to be.

If the perpetrator of this heinous crime was put in a room with the families of his victims he would not survive for 10 seconds.

If you think this sounds extreme and excessively violent coming from someone who is normally a pacifist those are exactly some of the words I would use to describe what he did........excessive and violent and those would be the mildest words.

My heart is not just with the families of the dead but with the survivors who witnessed their friends and colleagues die.


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My heart goes out to all those families who were affected by the tragedy in Norway.

I cannot comprehend how one person could cause such devastation. It has said on the news today that he was in England meeting far right wing members in 2002.

I also want to say RIP Amy Whinehouse whose demons got the better of her. Such a loss.

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