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Not a happy bunny (Food Mentioned)


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Hi guys, not been on for a while, have been training for a Long distance walk which I have just finished.

Have had a stable weight for the last couple of weeks, been on the 1500 plan and was happy with my weight not moving very much.

Well on Mon, Tues & Wednesday this week I went on a Hike that was for 36.5 miles across the Quantocks & Exmoor (The Coleridge Way). I was eating the following


Cambridge poridge with 2 bananas mixed in.
Cereal bars x 2 = 180 Calories
2 Bananas, small pack of unsalted nuts.
Plenty of water.
Evening meal was Rump Steak, Chips, peas, plus Desert (Chocolate brownie)
4 pints of lager

I burnt 5200 Calories, walked for 5 hours, 23000 steps, 9.2 miles

Full english (2 x Bacon, Scrambled eggs, Baked beans, 2 x Sausage, Mushrooms.) Bowl of Allbran, 3 rounds of toast with marmite. tea
Cereal bars x 2 = 180 Calories
2 Bananas, small pack of unsalted nuts.
Plenty of water.
Evening meal was Ribye Steak, Chips, peas, plus Desert (Chocolate Fudge cake, with cream)
2 pints of lager
I burnt 6500 Calories, walked for 8 hours, 45000 steps, 18 miles


Full english (1 x Bacon, Scrambled eggs, Baked beans, 1 x Sausage, Mushrooms.) Bowl of Allbran, 3 rounds of toast with marmite. tea

Blue Muffin, Packet of Cheese & Onion Crisps, Corned beef sandwich, apple
Cereal bars x 2 = 180 Calories
2 Bananas, small pack of unsalted nuts.
Plenty of water.

Evening meal was Smart price Stirfry(Dry Fryed with 4 pieces of Mackeral and a blue dragon sauce.

I burnt 5300 Calories, walked for 5 hours, 23500 steps, 9.5 miles

now back on 1500 cal diet.

Poridge in morning with 2 bananas
Green salad with dressing.
and evening meal either jacket pots with protein or stirfry as I was before walk.

The problem is Ive put on 5lbs. Know I thought that all the walking I was doing would outweigh the calories I was eating by a lot. and I dont think that I went over the top on the munchies.

My question really is. does this normally happen when you do something which requires you up your calories to sustain the level of activity you are doing causes you to put weight on. and will it go back to normal.

I dont want to go back to SS but having been on VLCD for over a year I keep getting these blips that set me back and leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. any advice would be great
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Wow. Well done on that walk/hike. You've done so well. I bet you've lost inches hun...have you checked? I really wouldn't worry about the 5lbs, they'll be gone so fast you'll forget they were ever there.

I think you should go on 1000 as you'll still lose the weight pretty quickly. Don't beat yourself, be proud of how far you've come.

Stay online and keep us updated daily if poss while yopu're getting back on track. well done x
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It could be just that you've taken in more carbs over the last few days than you've been having which could cause water retention. Looking at your intake and your calorie expenditure, it's not that you've taken in more calories than you've burnt off - I reckon you've taken in roughly 3,500 calories a day so if your output is correct, that's not more than you've spent. A few days back into whichever CD plan you choose and it'll be off
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Hey there

Weight when in maintenance will naturally fluctuate for all manner of reasons, different type of food, time of the month, level of exercise etc. The important thing to hang on to is that as long as you know you are not eating more calories than your body needs you won't have gained fat, it will be water. Exercise is a common cause of water retention, also a higher level of carb than you are used to can also have same effect.

Don't worry, it will sort itself out.



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Like Shrinklies said, it'll be gone before you know it, don't sweat it.

But if you just take your brekkie on Tuesday that was 1800 calories on it's own!!!
Your average banana is 110 calories and peanuts are 9 calories EACH!
your average slice of chocolate fudge cake is around 650 calories and that's WITHOUT the cream!
Your average pint has 200 calories
So although you burnt a lot of calories you sure put a lot away. Also if you walk regularly (I'm assuming you do!) then your body become more 'fuel efficient' so what your pedometer tells you you've burnt and what is actually used may well be two different things!

You only have a small amount of weight left to lose and you will easily do it on the 1200-1500 plan... BUT, you really need to learn about the calorie values of the food you are consuming if you want to maintain your loss without enduring seesawing weight. Buy a calorie counter or use a website to help you (Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople is a free online calorie counter)

I hope this helps a little bit!


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Hi - my guess would be that you have gained muscle due to all the working - & it weighs twice as heavy as fat. I doubt you have put on fat at all. At the end of the day weight loss is a simple calculation of more calories out than in, and you seem to have done that (well done by the way). Your body is probably the same size, just made up differently than before the walk. Hope this helps.

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I agree with what Porgeous said and have to ask where were your vegies? If you analysed the percentage of your diet that was carbs/ fat/ protein, I suspect your fat % would have been too high.

Please note muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1lb of fat = 1lb of muscle. Muscle is however more dense so if you have had a bucket of fat eeww and a bucket of muscle, the bucket of muscle would be heavier.


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well thanks guys, weighed in this morning and dropped a lb. I know my veggies wernt there for the three days, did not make the best choices for food, but did make decision not to be tight on what I had as I was hiking.

as some of you have said it looks like water retention as my ankles had swelled up. and its going away so onwards and downwards I hope


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I think 1000 reward points to you for being so honest with what you ate lmao!

XX those pounds will drop off so fast dont worry i ate on holiday a few weeks back gained and dropped within the week i came back

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