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Extra Easy Not eating 1/3 superfree foods

i think if you are eating ALOT of those foods then yes, the 1/3rd just limits it. i think if you are sensible then it wouldnt make too much diffrence if you do that sometimes.


i love minimins me :)
thanks :) i do try to have as much veg with my meals and i try to balance my meals just find it hard to have veg with every meal, not sure if i should go back to red and green days or stick with what i am doing



I only stick to this rule mainly for my evening meal if I follow EE :eek:

Its done me no harm. I personally wouldnt stress if I cant manage it, its quite easy to do it with some meals but it doesnt always suit the meal you are having.

Just top up on fruit through the day for your snacks and i'm sure it wont harm your future losses.


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If I'm in this situation I'll often have an apple before I eat my meal and find that does the similar thing of filling you up slightly in the same way as eating the veggies off your plate first would do ;) Otherwise just lump it and eat some random veg like broccoli & corguette with my omlette!
I've taken this off the website
Q: Is a third of a plate of Superfree Food mandatory?

No, we'd never insist you eat in a way that might not suit you. However, we encourage you to include a third of a plate of Superfree Food to keep Extra Easy extra low energy density (low calorie), extra satisfying and extra healthy to optimise weight loss.

It doesnt say you have to have it with every meal.It doesnt say you have to have your 1/3 on the same plate so you can have it as dessert etc. When people say you cant have it as dessert does that mean you could put strawberries on your chilli anf then it would be ok?
SW advise you have 1/3 for health reasons and to speed up your losses.A lot of myths have grown up but SW doesnt seem to back them up-I have emailed them about things.Hope that helps.
I cant get on with extra easy, so I am going back to red and green, I tend to go over on my a and b i need my cereal in the morning then have trouble not having any bread or crispbread all day so I am going back to the old fashioned way that worked for me


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i was really struggling with this so i switched to green instead and have my meat as hex, I just find it easier without worrying too much. Everyones different.


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Hi everyone
I'm new to sw and new to this forum today.
I was just wondering if you really lose weight on the extra easy plan? I can't believe you can eat all that free food and still downsize! lol. :)


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Really there's no reason why you shouldn't lose weight on EE because it's basically just healthy eating. A bit of carbs, protein, fibre and calcium and lots of fruit and veg. I do think that the superfree foods are key to doing well on it in the long run though, as these are what stop you overdoing the free foods.


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Hi, I am EE and in two weeks I have lost 20.5 pounds, honestly I have never once been hungry whilst eating lovely healthy and tasty food. Believe me it works ....


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Hi Carole.
You lost 12lbs the 1st week?!!!!!!! OMG thats fantastic! What did you eat? Air? lol. ;)
Im on EE so I felt like I ate the table top lol Im not kidding I couldnt believe you could eat so much and lose all that weight but I did. Trust it, stick to it and it will work. :)


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I think i might Jo.
Was looking at the booklet for it earlier and i could really see myself sticking to it.
I have been trying to do weight watchers on and off for the last year but never really felt right doing it, i was so hungry and thinking about food all the time.
I've been thinking about food alot today, but in a good way, thinking about how much i can eat and hopefully still shift those pounds, i actually feel excited!


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I always thought Carol that the reason you lost weight was because you weren't mixing carbs and protein, hence the green and red days.
I haven't done sl for donkeys years, think i'm stuck in old school mode, need to have a rethink me thinks!

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