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not food but slightly naughty.....

:eek: Having been reading various blogs and threads relating to the cambridge diet I have been a bit naughty and ordered myself a tub of mix a mousse!

I am not changing over or anything, I think LL suits me and I need the group help.

I am thinking it would make a nice change to the shakes and I am assuming it will make no difference to my diet????

anyone else use it? or does anyone have an opinion against it? I do listen to reason..... sometimes lol

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Didn't use it myself when following LL so I don't speak from experience, but don't think it will do any harm. Just be sure to only have 1 scoop a day.

When you make up your mousse, add the mix into your packet and mix it in the packet before you add it to the water, you get lumps of jelly stuff in your yummy mousse otherwise!

Cheb...that could be why mine sometimes is lumpy!! I usually put water in my blender, then MaM, then pack....must try mixing them together in future!!

Mags, I have heard before of LL'ers using MaM and I dont think it makes any difference at all!!
thanks for the tips, and nice to know others have used them with no effects.

I actually don't mind most of the packs and I like the LL philosophy of the counselling etc which I really think I need, but it sure would be nice if they would bring in a few extra bits to their range.

Mix a mousse is gelatin which turns your shakes into mousse, like an angel delight:D I believe (but I may be wrong) that CDC's can sell it to people other than their own clients.


I STILL mean it!
You can use ordinary powdered gelatine if you like. (Supercook) 1 sachet sets one pint. It takes longer to do,the texture is a different, but is easier to get hold of and cheaper. . Cals are similar to mix a mousse. Experiment a little. I used it all the time when I was on LL and Cambridge.
I found mine on ebay, just go on to ebay and do a search for 'mix a mousse' mine was £3 inc post and packing. Only ordered it today so not sure when I will get it. The proper gelatine sounds too complicated for me.... need it easy!

I only ordered it yesterday and it arrived today! unfortunately I only have one shake a day at breakfast time and that was before the postie arrived, otherwise I would have tried it out today!

Something to look forward to tomorrow anyway. I lied by the way (by accident) it was £3.50 I paid not £3

ok, I've had 2 goes, once I didn't mix it long enough and it was yucky and gloopy, the second time after 10 mins it was still a little sloppy. A bit custardy as opposed to angel delight. Am I using too much water do you think?

It was nice anyway the 2nd time, but would be nice if it set properly. Don't want to leave it more than 10 as usually I am having it in the morning when everything is a bit rushed.

Hi Mags
I'm on LL too and bought my MAM on ebay. I find the trick is to put 150mls cold water in the freezer about 20 mins before you want to make the mousse and the tub that you are going to set it in ( I usually use a ramikin dish). I always mix mine then in a blender and put it back in the freezer. I leave mine 15 minutes and it always turns out well. Adding some of the flavours to the mousse also can be fun eg. Rasberry and berry - just like strawberry Angel delight, Chocolate and Orange etc.

I have about 2/3 mousses a week and it seems ok so far. Good luck with it ( they are also far more filling than the shakes)

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