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Not gonna be FAT & 40!!! Exante

Hi, im 40 this year in Oct and im the biggest ive ever been :sigh: You name the diet I have done it, ive been on off on a diet for 20 years!!
Im a mum to a 13 year old girl ( Hormonal stroppy madam!) and work as a photographer which I love.
I have a very dishy partner with a 32 waist who eats junk! ( SLAP)
Me .... im depressed and fed up of being FAT! I have lost confidence and worry what people think, im a size 18-20 and feel like a whale!
I no longer let my partner see me naked as I feel sick looking at me so he might think the same even though he has never commented on my weight.
I was a size 12 when I met him so he must think WTF now :eek: lol

I started exante yesterday, I have done lighter life a few years back and lost 4 stone .... but soon as I ate again piled it all back on. :(
Im doing total s Monday - Friday then on the weekend the working s so we can have a low carb evening meal together as it drove him mad me living on shakes. Also hoping it will teach me to make better food choices. I am hoping this is the last diet I do because if this don't work i'll wire my jaw shut lol!!

If anyone is out there doing exante too id love to hear how you're getting on.
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Hiya sara, im doing cambridge diet whichs pretty similar? I know what youre saying ive been on a diet forever, well i say that clearly i havent been as i wouldnt need to lose weight now lol. I started cambridge last week monday, im turning 30 this year and have decided that ive gota do it. I have a boyfriend very similar to yours by the sound of it, he can eat so much crap and not look any different yet with me its bulging love handles! I am going on holiday in 8 weeks so trying to lose as much as i can for that then carry on until im a size 12-14, thinkin about 4-5 stone to lose. I feel my size holds me back in the sense that i dont do much out of embarrassment but hey ive managed so far and intend to keep going! Do you have much to lose?
Hiya, I did Cambridge yearsssssss ago! Yes they are pretty similar.
I want to loose 4/5 stone too. I know what u mean your weight holding u back, when I was a teen I swam for the county, now in holiday in 8 years of being with my fella I been in the pool once!! I was a size 12 when we met now 18/20. I feel crap and depressed, so hard sticking to any diet when he's sat on the sofa drinking wine and eating cheese and cake and sweets and don't put a lb on! I have gotta do this for me as I'm so unhappy and just getting bigger!! How you getting on? Do u feel hungry still or has that passed?

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Sorry pressed send far too soon, well last week i did sole source so was really weak only a couple of headaches but im terrified of saggy skin so moved to step 2 so i can eat a carb free meal then exercise, bought myself fitsteps dvd (love me a bit of strictly) and strted that on monday. By the end of last week id lost 14lbs so that spurred me on! I havent told my friends im doing it as a part of me would love the element of surprise when i manage to shift this weight! Im 18-20 too :( started at 17stone 10 but now 16 9 so getting there! Weigh ins on sundays so will keep u posted. I been with my fella 8 years and i was prob a 14-16 then but eurgh feel gross now.

How are you finding it so far??
I did lighter life 2 years ago and had 3 shakes a day for 14 weeks. Lost 4 stone but soon as I ate I couldn't stop, ate everything I missed! Stupid and in a year piled it back on.
This time I'm adding bits of chicken to my eve meal packs or zero pasta 0 carbs so I feel I'm eating and don't go down the same road.
Might take a little longer but I feel I will stick to it. Well done for being so good :)

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I think its my holiday, i really want to have pictures taken and at the moment theres no chance so got to do everything i can, not got much time! 0 carbs pasta??? Whats that? Does it taste similar? I miss pasta sooooo much! Its funny what goes through your mind when you dont eat actual food isnt it, i found myself craving shortcrust pastry?? Lol
I'm 17.6 and 5"10!! Lol
Only day 2 but yeah I'm good. Been here so many times before.
I can't do just shakes I gag lol.
I brought a vibration plate to help tone me up. Mind u I have had a 10lb baby and since then my tummy has never been great even though it was 13 years ago lol.
Stick at it think how fab u will feel on your hols!! When I lost my 4 stone on LL I felt sooooooo good. Why did I pile it back on I ask myself

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I know, its weird you dont notice it at first and then when you do you ignore it and avoid mirrors and pictures and tell yourself ah the washing machines shrunk my clothes lol.

Are those plates any good?
It's called water zero pasta, they do rice and noodles which are grim. They are all a bit rubbery and are in a pouch of brine so u have to really rinse well. They ain't the same as pasta but if u add to a sauce they are ok. I use the long pasta ( can't remember what it's called) it's better than the penne one. I added it to my carbonara pack tonight with grilled chicken and felt like a meal.
They are 0 carbs 0 fat and 14 calories for whole pack. Ocardo online are doing 2 packs for £2.50 and holland and Barrett and doing the penny deal at the min. Buy one pack get one for a penny. They are a bit rubbery tho but if ur hungry they do the job without messing up the diet.
Where u from??

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I brought a really good plate that's gathered dust since the last diet, but yeah my legs and arms really toned up and my legs looked good. Unlike now lol.

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Its amazing what they make now, my gift at 2 stone is going for a massage! Was going to treat myself with meals but i dont trust myself to get back on the wagon after ! Im down in the south west, u?
I'm midlands but company I work for in Essex. I used plate when I had a sunbed n decided to buy one.
No I would reward with food either, if I started on cheese or skittles that would be it lol

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Lol that never stops either from what I remember. I can't believe I did shakes for 14 wks. This is easier having bars and pretend food lol.
Plus I'm having a bit of chicken:)
Someone said on a post I tell myself the noise is all the fat breaking down:) it's prob all the water n wind mixing together lol!!!

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We want to travel around America this year and I don't want to be a sweaty fat blob!! Lol.
One stone at a time!
I also wanna take my clothes off n feel good about myself not hide under the duvet lol

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Ah wow thatll be amazing! Youll def want pics in america, thats where im headed in a couple of weeks, ny and vegas sooooo excited ? I want to do things and enjoy rather than get there and feel depressed and embarrassed

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