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Not happy with my pharmacist!!

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I am not a happy bunny!!

I went for my weigh in as usual on Monday but my regular pharmacist wasn't there and there didn't appear to be any LT for me. The lady ordered it, to come in today.
I went there today around midday to be told it hadn't come in yet.. They said it could be anytime now. The chemist is not local to me and i could not wait around indefinitely, so i will have to pick it up tomorrow... All they had in stock was male so i have had to be given 2 sachets, but i don't know when to take them because i had already had one of the female ones this morning.

Had i not had diarrhoea last week i would have had no shakes left, so i never thought i would be grateful for having the squits!! lol

It has really annoyed me though because i always have the same order, and as far as they are concerned my last LT shake would have been Sunday evening!!!

IF it ever happens again, what should i do? Any ideas???

Thanks all... Rant over!! x x x
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This is not good. They have a long expiry on them so they should order at least enough to meet demand, and have a little extra in case they have newbies!! stupid people.

Not sure what you can do though...Complain to LT ??

Hope you get some tomorrow hun, and politely ask if they will have enough to supply you befre you make the journey next week!
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Complain to Lipotrim and if the pharmacy is part of a chain complain to their head office.


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take one mens shake today as youve had one female and one mens is worth two females so you'll get your right amount. also i would suggest ordering an extra day or twos worth next week. i did that before with my pharmacy in case of an emergancy. i just told them i might not be able to get in on my weight in day the next week. they charged me €3 per extra one which is the same cost as they charge me when im getting them weekly.

it really is shocking how bad some of the pharmacies and staff are though isnt it!!!! a lot of them dont have a clue!!! but yeah, thank god for the runs!! hehe. xx
S: 24st3lb C: 20st13lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 3st4lb(13.57%)
You are lucky my pharmacy will not supply more than 1 week in advance, not even an extra day or two.
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Neither will mine, but I weighed in early once due to bank holiday so if meant I had a few extra...

But... And this may be naughty lol

contact LT and ask for some samples maybe
S: 16st5lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 3st4lb(20.09%)
Thank you all for your replies... When i go back tomorrow i should get a full weeks worth, which will take me through to next Wednesday, but i will be getting weighed on Monday and picking up another weeks worth so i should have a couple of days in hand. If she won't let me i will shout in the shop!! lol
Perhaps she knew she was going to mess me about, that's why she gave me free breath strips, as a sweetener!! lol

I will let you know what happens tomorrow.. Thanks again x x
Omg thats terrible, i always dread that happening with mine as i just have choc ones and everytime i go they run out and have to order new ones, like kezzerbelle said they have a long expiry so why not just order a few boxes, dont they understand people on LT are grumpy enough as it is!!! :mad: lol


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Complain to Lipotrim/ Howard Foundation Research on 01223/812/812. State to them clearly that you have been let down by them (number of times/ and how).
Also ask them if there is a Pharmacist alot closer to home, if not ask them what your local Pharmacist would have to do to become a Lipotrim distributer. Plus pop into your local one and see if they would be happy to do so. I'm sure they would so no harm in asking.

Let us know how you get on.

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That's really bad Su :( They are providing you with a service and should ensure they have a regular stock in. Definitely check they will have stock again for you on Monday and make an official complaint if not xx
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If they're part of a chain would it be possible for another branch to supply one or two instead?

I get mine from my doctors surgery (or the pharmacy there i suppose), as i see the nurse that specialises in LT would it be possible for you to try that instead - may be closer to home for you too?

I feel really lucky now as my lot happily gave me 2 weeks worth last time (to take me to this fri) with no questions asked even the other nurse that doubted i could do it has even started being really nice to me (i think it's coz i proved her wrong! lol).

If all else fails id probably make a complaint too, is there a store manager you could try first too?

thats my 2ps worth anyway - hope it helps.
Cath. :)
S: 16st5lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 3st4lb(20.09%)
They are a small chemist, and there are 2 in the village, but the other one does not take part in the scheme...

I have got my weeks worth now, and will be going back on Monday for the next lot... I am not changing my day to suit them so i will have a few days in hand.. If there is a problem on Monday i will complain to them, and to LT...

Thank you all for your help and advice x x
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Its hard enough to lose wait, i think its awful to mess you about like that. stay strong you obviously have the commitment needed to do well on LT xx

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