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Not having all the foodpacks?


I will get into that wedding dress!
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for the last 2 days due to one thing or another ive missed 2 and half of my food packs and im getting to the point of not wanting them coz im not hungry etc, im finding it hard to have them knowing that i dont really feel like having them:confused:

im not hungry but feel like im pushing them down in a bid to thinking i HAVE to have them.

anyone else feeling like this??! am finding it hard to have anything at all!!!!!
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Hi hun,

I have felt like this too at one time or another. I think everyone has. But its REALLY important you have all 3 packs! The packs are there for nutrients which your body badly needs. If you dont have them you could become VERY ill hun! please try and have them all. We dont want you ill!

Big hug!


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Oh Emmie I know how you feel! so I am mixing mine up, so for instance I am having one with lots of crushed ice so its like icecream, you can have the cappochino one hot, when I am not feeling hungry I think of them as drinks...see I told you I was strange...but you have to have them all.
Hi Emmie,

sorry to hear you don't like the packs and are feeling like you have to force them down, but like BurgerBun said, it is so so important you have them all, without getting the nutrients in them every you go from VLCD to malnutrition and deprivation of the vital things your body needs.

Please have them hun, we don't want you getting ill.

Pete :)


I will get into that wedding dress!
G: 8st10lb
thats not it i LOVE the milkshakes (ok so their wearing a little thin now lol!!) i just dont feel like i "want" or "need" them? i thin coz im not hungry im having them for teh sake of it? does that make sense??
i know i should be having then its just hard when my bodys sort of telling me dont have it your only having it for the sake of it?
Ah, ok I see what you mean.

Hmm, in that case, try not to think of the shakes as "food" as obviously you are not hungry... instead, try to think of them as medicine lol sounds daft, but it could work!

I guess if nothing else, you do know you need to have them, and even though you may not *feel* that you need them, you *know* that you do, and that's just a part of the diet.

Hope you manage to keep it up, in another 2 weeks' time it'll seem completely natural to be having them, trust me, after 5 weeks on LL I can't even imagine having anything different to eat/drink at this point! :)


I will get into that wedding dress!
G: 8st10lb
i hope so!! thanks everyone!! x x x
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Yes, I don't feel like eating them all either, as i'm not hungry - but you must. Obviously because you need all your nutrients, but if you don't & you are doing some exercise (Wii fit). You might go into starvation mode, so in the long term you may lose weight slower & make yourself poorly.

You are very young, so you have a long life ahead of you, so look after your body.


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