not helping myself


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morning all, :D
a few friends came over last night and i sat there with water and coffee from 7pm till 330am playing cards! and i was up at 530am yesterday and today ! so i absolutly wrecked!:4635:

i'm in work now and on day 3 no headache not that hungry but oh so tired and cold!!:gen125:
i hope to finish work around 3 and i'll go straight to bed till 5 i think :4633:

hope every1 else is well :)
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WOW.. that is will power... well done. Day 3 for me too. no headache (yet).x


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You're probably better off enjoying yourself and being social, i always go into hermit mode which depresses me to the point of hating LT, so this time I'm going to keep busy, have poker nights, go to the cinema, meet friends for coffee etc.

Good luck, feel better:)


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l find the oppisite when i have the weight on i stay in hermit mode wont socalise at all, where as last year when i lost the weight (even during it as i was losing) i went out, to show off new figure!!


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Well done :))))) That is determination! When I saw the title, I thought..oh, no!!!!! but was pleasantly surprised when I read it :) Shouldnt have doubted you missy!!!!!

Yes, I can well imagine you are absolutely wasted, but get home early and HAVE AN EARLY NIGHT :)

Good on you though; you are well on your way Nicola...just keep drinking coffee to keep you awake and warm at least.


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At least you did something productive with the time.

Im struggling to sleep and its driving me nuts. Im hoping after today and a 6.5hour shift I will feel very tired. If not tomorrow will be a very long 12.5hour shift if I dont get a good night sleep!


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ha ya sure am drinking loads, plan to go home early have a nap, do horses and then bed early :)


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i think bed early is a good plan indeed! need your beauty sleep!!!....cinema cinema cinema... perfect for this crappy weather when we are extra cold and no need to eat anything as the though of a medium popcorn at 1000 calories is enough to make me laugh at the ppl who eat it when we are getting slimmer!! next few weeks after exams are going to be full of cinema visits! plus you drink so much water aimlessly in the cinema! :)


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Remember that you will feel the cold even more when you're tired so catching up on your sleep tonight will do you the world of good!


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I know exactly how you feel, this is day 5 for me and lastnight was the first night I actually fell asleep easily, it's been 2 - 3 am until then and like most mums I haveto be up at 6.30 to get kids and myself sorted for work - must admit I am ruddy shattered today, just want to sleep but with kids off school due to the snow it's not going to happen, I might tell them it's 8 o'clock at 6 tonight and sneak an early night lol (I won't honest.....)

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hey what cards do you play? poker?

I love poker!! Play live and online almost every week.

Its a great game! :)

Hope ur feeling ok today babe xoxo good luck xox