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Not losing much weight been on plan for five weeks:-(

Over my last four weigh in's I have lost a measly 3.5lbs.

In fact my weight loss has gone

Week 1 of plan - -1lb
Week 2 of plan - -2.5lb
Week 3 of plan - -1/2lb
Week 4 of plan - +1/2lb

I have stuck to the plan 100% apart from on a weekend away I had with my kids to Cadbury's world. I had alcohol and chocolate then but it was the week I lost 2.5lbs!

Before starting SW I was calorie counting. Had lost 2st after the birth of my baby, born 11 months ago but weight wasn't coming off even though I'd dropped to 300-500kcal's a day.

I am extremely active (on that body magic chart I clock up over 24hours medium activity a week) so I can't up that any more. I have tried changing plans, for the last two weeks have done extra easy, and before that red days. Have stopped doing as many green days (although had one today) as I tend to get dizzy, and feel faint on those days. I am using between 10 and 15 syns a day and eat a lot of free foods. I measure my a's and b's.

What am I doing wrong?
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Probably nothing - some people lose it much faster than others.

It may just be a little something that may make a huge difference, such as drinking water instead of fizzy drinks or trying a full week on red, then a full week on ee, then green, then mixture - see if that helps.

Are you filling out a food diary and asking your consultant to check it??

The week i lost 3.5lbs i ate lots of things i shouldn't and drank lots i shouldn't....but then i think it may of caught up with me....!!

Keep strong, stay focused and i'm sure you'll be fine. You are losing it steadily - and that is fabulous!! xx


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Many congrats on all the weight you've taken off so far - you seem to be ignoring just how well you've done!! Give yourself that credit.

Sounds to me that you're getting respectable losses, especially as you haven't got much to lose right now. The last pounds are always the hardest to shift. It's taken me several months to get rid of the last stone.

I don't think you're doing anything 'wrong,' but I would say that I think your weight loss may be slower than it needs to be because you're trying to do too much - trying to be too active, maybe not having enough calories. If you punish your body too much, it'll fight you every inch of the way. And you say you once dropped to 300-500 cals? Crikey, your metabolism may have taken a battering from that, especially if you were exercising.

I found that my weight loss over the last stone speeded up as I increased my calories - it seemed to give my metabolism a little jolt, and my body appreciated the extra fuel so started cooperating for me! If you can keep your body guessing, get out of the rut of a particular routine, vary up your meal times and quantities, vary your cal allowance a little each day and the foods you're eating... that may help speed things up. I'd also tone down the exercise a bit! Give your body a break, get some good rest days in.

Sounds like you've made superhuman efforts so far, just be careful you're not overdoing it - it can be counterproductive. Take care of yourself!!


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I have only lost a 1lb a week for the last 4 weeks, we all have different metabolism's and we all lose weight at different levels.

You are doing well, remember your weight is coming off and it is staying off and that is all that matters.

I am so grateful for my 1lb a week losse's, I get so excited when I get on the scales and I have lost again.

So look forward to your WI and enjoy your weight loss no matter what it is, well done to you so far, it's an excellent loss. X
Just a quick reply to say thank you very much for the support. Seeing how things are in the next month I suppose is the way to go?

I can't really cut out any exercise as most of it as I don't drive and have five small children of which three either don't or can't walk (11month old, 2yr old and 4yr old who is dyspraxic) so I push them around all day! Normally have playschool and school runs too but summer hols at the mo. Also I own two ponies and one of them needs at least a hours ridden work each day to keep sane! oh, and I live in the middle of nowhere so a 5 mile walk to the nearest town each way.

I do agree that the very low calorie intake before was a bad idea but every time I plateaud for a few weeks I dropped a few more 100 kcal's until in the end I ran out of anywhere to go.

ETA: I still have a fair bit to lose to my total ideal weight (see ticker) but have put in the profile on here what my next 'mini target' is as I thought it might be easier with stone mini targets.


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I can understand your frustration honey - but don't lose heart to the fact you're 3.5lbs lighter! That's brill and well done!!!

Maybe speak to your C at group and chat to her - a change in plan might help (EE to Red/Green or vice versa) but they'll give you some guidance.

Weight loss can vary so much person to person, so don't worry - just stick to it! Plus, when you dropped your calories that low your losses would have stopped as body would have held anything it got anyway. You need more than that (regardless what diet) to keep stuff going :)

Good luck xxx


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Hey, just wanted to add a few things to the brilliant advice that has been given so far.

Firstly you have done amazingly well, don't forget that.

Second try not to expect miricals overnight. The healthest way to loose is about 1-2lbs per week, 3lbs a week max. So you've been hitting spot on.

With the amount of activity you are doing I think it may be a fair guess that you are gaining some muscle, which weighs more than fat. Have you been keeping track of your measurements? This can be very reassuring when we think we've stopped losing.

Don't try to hard, just relax, take it easy and remember, if you stick to the plan the weight WILL come off. Please don't do anything drastic liek cutting your syns down or out, or stop having your healthy extras. Stick with 10-15 syns and 2/4 HEx's depending on the plan :)

Oh and one last thing, please don't try and compare the speed of your losses to anyone else, everyone is individual and will lose at their own pace.

Best of luck,

Natt xxx
i dont seem to drink all the milk i pour out in the morning prob only half, could i have a dairylea cheese as well to make one hex on ee?


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Yes you can split your HEs as long as they are only one food item - so bread, milk and cheese are fine but not porridge because the HE is suppoes to be porridge plus scan bran

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