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Extra Easy Not losing weight (nearly 3 weeks in)...


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Hi MTF, :)

I'm a bit like you as in I don't seem to lose weight on SW. I've tried it several times and absolutely LOVE it but it really hasn't come up with the goods for me. I did it last year and after 2 weeks of STS I then put ON 0.5lbs on my 3rd week which then made me leave out of despair. Don't know why coz all my friends seem to be losing shed loads of weight every week :mad:

However I'm back at it again doing it alone as I'm thinking that maybe my body just needs a few weeks to adapt. This time I'm doing the RED plan. I felt quite ill last year on EE with all the carbs and ended up going to the docs for IBS medication. I seem to have a digestion problem when it comes to fibre (I suffer terribly from bloating and wind :eek:), so I'm limiting my intake of veg, sticking to the allowed HEs of potato/pasta etc and making sure I stay within my syn allowance


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Sorry, meant to add that I'm hoping that this makes a difference as I'm consciously NOT overeating either. Exercise is also part of it so if I don't lose on this then I'm not gonna lose on anything so I may just accept me for who I am!! Hope you find a way round it!!!

Sorry to hear it's not going well for you.

I suggest you maybe keep a few diary for a few days on here, and then we can see where there might be any problems. I think SW takes a while to get your head around, especially if you're not going to a class, so there might just be a couple of little things that are causing a problem.

Kirsty x
I agree post exactly what you are eating and then others can offer help and guidance. If you follow it correctly you should lose weight. I know that on the weeks I believe I have been very strict and have had minimum syns I tend to stay the same but when I have my syns and seem to follow the plan but have eaten "loads" I lose really well.

Keep at it and it will happen x
I would also add that if you eat very little fish & no meat you might be better off with green as by doing EE you are sort of 'cheating yourself out of' either 1 or 2 healthy extras. Since you mentioned you havent had a particularly big change in what you eat it may be that your weight loss will be less dramatic than for someone who ate a drastically different diet. A lot of the time with people doing SW and finding they aren't having a weight loss it is that they are either not eating enough or getting syns/Hex's wrong so posting a food diary can really help. Good luck :)
are you having all your A and B choices? and are you having your syns? sometimes the temptation at the beginning is to be "extra good" and not have any syns, but it can sometimes have the opposite effect! either way, i hope you start losing soon :) xx


Just doing it this time
you said you have 2 400g bread - IF needed? does that mean you have no bread at all each day? Are you following EE? - I didnt' lose very well on EE or Green so I follow red - similar weight to you too - just mix up the mix a bit - see if that helps.

2 heb's might help you - 2 weetabix in the morning - and 2 400g bread at lunch time - up the syns to 10 - 15 - lots of lean meat (if you aren;'t veggie) - lots of superfree veggies. It'll come off = promise.

Good luck


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I am pescatarian too really. i say vegetarian, but do eat fish. I just do 100% green and on the occasion i have fish have it as a HEB.
I am a bit taller, and had 10lbs LESS to lose than you do, and GREEN worked at a rate of 2lbs a week.

As the others said, post a food diary of EXACTlY everything that passes yout lips. sometimes its the simplest of things that can be causing a problem.

If you are going to follow the EE plan, you MUST make sure that 1/3 of your plate is superfree, and realistically would need to have fish and carbs each day along with the superfree.
If your not having fish each day, then your effectivly doing GREEN but missing out on the 2nd HEA and HEB.
Make sure your having your full quota of syns. Keep the faith, SW does work
With Extra easy you need to have a 1/3 of your intake as superfree which is fruit and veggies excluding peas, parsnips and sweetcorn. Also tomato puree is synned.
you deffinatly need to up up up that superfree.. im the worst culprit for it, but im still loosing so if and when it dramatically slows for me, il look at that.. but maybe its somthing to to think about for yourself.

are you 100% measuring that milk?
have you had your HEB today??

im concerned it may be the wine hon. I know we have syns to use but i find that sometimes if i use the same amount of syns dailey, but spend them on different things, my weight losses vary. For example, if i eat 8 syns a day, have spent 6 on a curly wurly and 2 on a quality street choc, .. then on another day i spend 4 on a sauce for my stirfry, 2 on some mayo and 2 on a mullerlight with an underlayer for example, .. my losses will be far better using on sauces, than on choc? even though they are of the same syn value.

Im not saying give up wine, im saying maybe try a week without.. see how the WL goes and if its better, maybe only have once a week?

ive cut out bread completely hav'nt had any for 6 weeks it makes me feel really bloated and sluggish and i'm now only drinking once a fortnight and tonights the night on my 4th pint vodka and diet coke :)
Have you thought about mixing it up a bit? I sometimes struggle getting in 1/3 superfree so have gone back to Green/Red for at least 4/5 days a wk........mind you not been able to get to WI for 2 wks so don't know how i'm getting on roll on Monday!
I am one of 'those' people, that I have to cut out alcohol. I have a drink on my WI day, which is Friday, have 2 Gin and Slimline Tonics on a Sat and Sun and then NOTHING until Friday again... If I drink wine, I can guarantee I only lose 0.5 or nothing at all!.
Hey don't be sad hun, just think now you have cleared those things up you will see the weight loss. Good Luck xx


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Its all trial and error with SW to start with. Bananas don't effect my losses, but for some it does. Througout my losses i only had 1HEA ( cos i was working out of old books) and got to target, im now playing the 'stay at target game!' hadnt really found how to maintain, i'd put on a couple of lbs, be good the next week and lose them. but i put on 4lbs on a weekend away, and had decided i'd follow the plan as it is now, 2 HEA ( now have new books cos hubby goes to class) but i had just stayed the same for 4 weeks following plan to letter, but with the 2nd HEA - last 2 weeks i went with out the 2nd HEA and this morning 3/4lb UNDER target YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY hurrah

BUT i do know how to maintain now, have an extra HEA for me.

So the measuring milk is important, because that would be very easy to have more than your allowed if you just splash it in. I measure mine into a jug and just use milk out of that all day, when its gone its gone!
if you have been having un accounted for syns in say extra milk, tomato puree etc, that could well have been a big factor.
Banans can really effect some people, try a week with none, see what happens, try a week with 1 every other day see what happens etc
the same goes for the wine, maybe its the wine affecting losses, maybe the extra syns you didnt know about.
I would say though, dont change everything at once. cos you wont know which one was making the difference.
maybe this week measure everything, double check syns on EVERYTHING but still eat bananas and have some wine, see what happens at WI, week after remove the bananas say and so on. Like s science experiment, dont change all the variables all in one go.
Yes it maybe time consuming, as it takes 1-2 weeks maybe to get a true picture. but once you've cracked it your away :)
Hey there so sorry you are not losing, were you on another diet before trying again with SW? This sometimes affects losses at the beginning.

Also it sometimes takes peoples bodies awhile to adjust so stick with it.

I think everyone has different ways of making the plan work for them, but i can see from your response you dont want to give up the wine and if you are synning that and everything else correctly you should be fine.

Try the food diary first and see if we can all steer you in the right direction, my only bit of advice is up the fruit and vegetable intake. At first it can be hard, but they fill you up really well and give your body the vitamins etc needed.

Good luck i will keep an eye out for you and pop in to say hi and well done for your losses as i know they will be coming. Keep your chin up.
try a nectarine for breakfast instead of the bannana.. ( don't think bannana's are super free, but nectarines are..? )
eat MORE...
it sounds counter intuitive, but I have a 12 inch plate every night with 3 potatos cut up into roasties, a chicken breast ( sub your fish here? ) and then a whole steamer tier filled with cauliflower, cabbage ( 2 types ) & leeks.. it comes to about half of the plate.
I then have a half a cup of gravy and syn it..
Tin of beans or spaghetti for dinner with some fruit etc
fruit and scrambled egg for breakfast..
I lost 8.5lbs my first and 3rd weeks, and in total have lost 42lbs in 9 weeks of slimming..
the weeks that I cut back what I eat I loose less than the weeks where I eat loads..

I cut out bread entirely.. I think I get enough fiber from all the veg so I don't usually have the HeB's unless it's things like alpen light bars..
I have milk in tea at work, but I doubt it comes to anywhere near the HeA amounts.. I took it in a bottle measures one day and bought about half back, so I know I don't go over on that.

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