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not losing weight????

Well, have you been drinking your water? Are you bunged up? TOTM? Did you weigh in having drank water or a shake? All these factors can screw up a weigh in!
i havent got an answers for you , but my third week weigh in i lost nothing and i was gutted i cried question why i was doing it , but i kept going and have gone on to lose every week since, princess-of-power is completely right if i am bunged up i dont lose as much and if you dont wee b4 weigh in also effects keep with it hun x
alot seem to get one week that they stay the same or else loose 1lb... wait till you weigh in next week and see what happens maybe


Determined and motivated!
don't despair (so much easier said than done ;) )
You may not have lost weight, but you most probably lost inches....

my last week on TFR I GAINED 3lb...... no reason for it whatsoever, just think my body stalled that week!
You are doing fabulous, just keep going....Good luck x
Wow monkey30, your losses are so inspiring to see though. That +3lbs must have been a freak weigh in!


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You've lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, your body is just adjusting thats all. Sometimes it happens like that. Your body needs to sit down and have a breather before dropping those pounds again. Keep at it and next week I'm sure you'll see a loss. :)


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I had w.i. yesterday too, I only lost 1 lb :mad: I didnt cheat but I didnt do it right either. A couple of days I never had my third shake, and those same days I hardly drank any water. so yesterday and today I am back to 3 shakes and my proper water intake, and according to my scales are down 5lbs :D so I should have a mega good week next week.

irish molly

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Whilst it is a bit disappointing try not too worry. Your losses will balance out over the weeks. You may find next week that you have a good result

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