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Not much to lose

good luck .............. and welcome xx
It depends on your start weight and height. A much larger person will loose the weight quicker than someone nearer a healthy weight. If you provide some additional info, I'll be glad to help :)


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whats your stats? I only have about a stone and a half left to lose aswell to get to just under 10 stone - sounds heavy but Im like 5'9/10. I found I lost big in the first week and it has really slowed since then.
Hi all I'm 10st 7 starting and 5'4. Was doing ww but got lazy and need the push as haven't been this heavy in 5 years. Was 11st but lost a bit doing ww. X
Technically, if you cut your calories by 1000 (say 600 diet, 400 extra exercise) day then you'll lose 2lb a week. However, any experienced dieter will tell you this isn't always the case. Your first week of weight loss will be big because it's water weight, then it'll level out at about 1lb-2b a week. Sometimes I lose nothing, sometimes I gain, but the most important thing to remember is not to be discouraged. If you gain one week it might be water and it'll disappear in the next few days. I reckon realistically, it'll take you about 10 weeks to get to 9 and a half stone :)
Thanks it's having will power. Was starving on ww but haven't been on Atkins so fingers crossed. Hoping for 9st or just under. Hoping won't take too long to get under 10st. Got a few nights out coming up and worried if have carbs will I have to start all over? X
I'm not sure about that because I'm not on Atkins. However, I think you must try really really hard to resist carbs, such as research the drinks you will be having before hand. For example I calorie count so I know that a vodka and diet coke is about 55 calories.
If there's going to be food with carbs think of it 'I'm I willing to bring myself and all this good work I put into going into the Atkin's to a halt? It's better to bring some healthy snacks in your bag that you can munch instead
Hi and welcome, yes the less you have to lose the slower it will be, but it still works on Atkins
If you look on the ends of peoples' posts (in the signature bit) they often write about their losses each week/month which might help you. I've lost 20lbs in about 6 weeks.

When I go out, I drink spirits and diet coke. I think soda/tonic is okay too. It's the mixers that will knock up your carb count!
Beer, cider, wine and rum all have carbs in.
Hope this helps
Sam x


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I think the key for atkins is to stay legal at the weekends and going out - then you will steadily lose. It's not that difficult on choice - you can pretty well always order something in restaurants (steak and salad is my backstop) and drink dry wine or no carb spirit with diet mixer. So doesnt feel restricted. I limit my treats to one event (meal or something) to once every month - 6 weeks!

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