Not Starting Lipotrim!! Fed up BIGTIME!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by philip, 19 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. philip

    philip Full Member

    Hi, gutted!!!:cry:
    All ready to start my Lt today, got a load of information this week, made the appointment for 9am this morning, to pick up my food packs, didn't even think of asking the price till after 1/2 hour into the induction it hit me........62 pound a week...:eek: im gutted..sorry these Lt products are great, but thats a mortgage.
    I live in N-Ireland, so i don't know the costs across the water... i know theres a credit crunch everywhere, but thats tearing the arse out of it.... so

    The plan now is to hold off till the price drops or i win the lotto.
    I'm so disappointed as i was ready to start and got all the crap out of the house.

    But thanks to everyone for there advice up till now (fattothin) etc..
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  3. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    have you checked anywhere else? I pay £36 a week
  4. scazman

    scazman Full Member

    I pay £48 per week in England for the male LT. NI shouldn't be eany different (in theory.) As I'm sure Gaz will confirm you will actually save money on LT even at the higher price. You will have no other expenses for food or liquid. LT means no snacks, no alcohol, no food shopping....have a think about it Phil!
  5. philip

    philip Full Member

    Theres very little places over here do it, the mens is 62 p.w and the ladies is 48 p.w.
    Ive been looking all over the net for sellers but cannot find any, only on eBay and i don't think that would be wise
  6. mama267

    mama267 Full Member

    i pay £36 . The lighter life products are more expensive
  7. aislinn

    aislinn Full Member

    Hi don’t be defeated yet.

    If you want to follow that kind of diet then I believe the Cambridge diet is similar in that you have nutritional shakes or soup and lots of water but it is about half the price. You do get a counsellor with the Cambridge but the support is different I think hence the reduction in price.

    There is a Cambridge website where you will be able to get more details.

    There are of course lots of other diets out there which are good and you will receive lots of support on here whatever your path.

    Good luck

    Aislinn x
  8. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    I wouldnt give up hun. I know itis expensive but if you stick to it you wont be buying anything else to put in your belly. And it will be the quickest way to get to your goal and all the health and psychological benefits that will bring. You are worth it hun :)
  9. philip

    philip Full Member

    Thanks, its not (really) the money, because a few places do it here, the shop decides to rip you off!!!
    I was happy to pay around 40-50 quid a week.
  10. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    I was just about to suggest that. Cambridge diet is very similar and the flavors are fab, or Mini said that if you go to the doctors to be weighed and monitored, Lipotrim will post them out to you. I'd check it out mate. Don't give up just yet, there is always a way round things.
  11. scazman

    scazman Full Member

    I don't wanna sound patronising but....

    It's is so easy to find reasons not to do things in life. I believe that you are gutted over not being able to do LT but I suggest that you now sit back and think the situation through. Can you retructure your budget to find the extra tenner that it costs over the ammount you expected? If there is any way that you can then I would suggest that you make the necesary sacrifice for a few months. You won't regret it. LT is fantastic! Once your over the first week or two it becomes the easiset diet you can ever do. When you start losing weight you feel so good about yourself. It's gotta be worth thinking about!?!?!
  12. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    hi Philip....I agree LT is seriously overpriced in Ireland compared to UK however I was desperate to loose weight and when I went on it I worked out how much I was spending on food shopping, lunches, drink etc and it was way way in excess of the cost of LT - so I sort of balanced it out that way in my head.

    I purposely saved the difference each week and put towards new clothes as I dropped in helped me get over the cost the guys have said....LT is sooo worth it!!!
  13. Do you live near the moy? Its £50 there for a man - I pay £44 for a lady.

  14. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    I'm in agreement. You sound so gutted about not being able to start but you also say you had a budget of about £40/£50 for it, so is not possible at all to stretch the extra few quid (I know it's more than a few ;)) for a short amount of time and in return feel great and look great?

    Obviously the choice is up to you hun, just my two cents :)

    Good luck with whatever route you choose.
  15. philip

    philip Full Member

    hi, the man in the moy is up to 58 pounds now, cookstown 55 pounds, armagh 54 pounds,
  16. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

  17. philip

    philip Full Member

    hi nictastic, love the new photos..are'nt you a bit off a chick!!!
  18. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    lmao cheers hun...enternally single tho!
  19. philip

    philip Full Member

    well at least i can look at your
    ANYWAY went to the site you posted..looks good.. going to price around abit more for the lipotrim.. i like the way your WI every-week, its means you have to be strict..
  20. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Cool, you know you want to do LT ...Get ur ass in gear and stop being such a man!!! lol You will find somewhere! haggle! ask them for a full price for x amount of weeks and a discount!! good luck!!
  21. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    That's better hun, much more positive sounding!! :) I hope you have success in your search for cheaper pharmacies :)

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