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not very well this morning...

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i'm on my third day and this morning when i was at the bus stop to go to work i had a really bad migraine, my vision went fuzzy for a few minutes and i couldnt see a thing! i felt better as the day went on but i seem to be losing motivation because i dont want this to be a regular thing...i think it was ay blood sugar levels as this has happened before but it really gave me the jitters....when does it start to get a bit easier? is it after a week or so because i cant see this ever getting better....my hunger pains are pretty bad too....x
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Hi Gem - sorry to hear you are not feeling too great.

I had the exact same problem last week with a migraine and blurred vision on day 2. I did post at the time and gather it is quite a common thing as your body is detoxing and going through several chemical changes.

Last week by day 3 & 4 I was starting to feel much better and the hunger does get easier by this time too.

You are doing great and shouldnt be put off by the first few days, you will find it gets so much easier in a day or so

Good luck

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I was exactly the same, am on day 14 now and am bursting with energy and vitality.. enthusiastic and happy out... I had faint periods and feeling strange moments in the first week but keep with it girl.. you will feel fab.. it sounds like the transition period into ketosis so in a day or two you will feel good, just dont over exert yourself xxx


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I felt bad up to about day 4 (that was my worst day), but it does get better and the sense of wellbeing kicks in.


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Keep going. It's only for a few days.

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hey hun
sorry you've not had a good day. Honestly it does get better. week ones the rubbish week where u feel horrid.. but once thats out of the way u will have a lot more energyxx
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Thanks for your advice everyone....i'm so glad! i'm having a green tea now to settle me off to bed and my tummy feels much better! Thanks again for the advice, its very comforting to know that it does get easier! xx


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It really is hardest in the beginning. I sort of turned a corner around day4/5.

You will find that ALL you can think about is the lipotrim, it rules your thoughts for the first few days! Also headaches, dizziness and fatigue. I also felt a bit spaced out and snappy. On the 2nd day my son was playing up (he is 7) and I shouted at him to 'hurry up and eat his pyjama's up and get to bed'!! Needless to say i was giggled at for the next half hour. But yeah, it does get you like that in the beginning.

Stick with it though, it really really does get better. Your body is reacting to not having all the rubbish put in it, and is screaming out for carbs I expect. Don't give in to those feelings and eventually you will find a better place. I haven't felt this good for a long time, and I know in the end my body and health will thank me. :)
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Hi Gem, hope you feel better soon. As everyone says, the first week is the absolute pits but the rewards of the first WI are well worth it and it does get easier. Try splitting your shakes and have 6 to start with.

Good luck hun.

Hope you are better soon hun. Just hang in there, things will get better. Did you have a shake before you left for work this morning? If not, try having half a shake before you leave the house and have the other half at your usual time. During the first week or so to avoid the hunger pains its a good idea to split your shakes so you are having 6 half shakes instead of 3.
Good luck and hang on in there.

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