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noticeable weight loss, reactions


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how do you react when your work collegues or friends (esp male friends),
notice that you have lost weight:eek:

little story, i'm in work ill the other day (throwing up in ladies:boohoo:) and getting ready to go home.
when a work collegue walks in asks if i'm ok, i say "yeah i'm going home", i'm just about to leave the loos and as i'm opening the door she says "you've lost weight haven't you?" ... (me)"yeah .... soz really can't talk i feel really ill and just been sick and i need to go.." .....(her) "bet you've lost even more weight now by being sick":confused:.
anyway thats what happened i think i should take it as a compliment and hope that she doesn't think that i've been loosing weight by making myself sick.... i hope this aint the case as i've worked really hard at trying to stick to a diet and move more.

plus i was out in the pub the other day and a friend (male ) commented on how much weight i have lost and asked what i was doing... (i just said dieting and exercising)...... but then after that he couldn't take his eyes off me and i was getting paranoid and plus my boyfriend was there as well.:giggle:

what do you guys think of both situations?
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I think I would just take both as compliments and move on. I think your co-worker was probably at a loss for words since she probably realized you were in there being sick. As for the male friend in the pub, bask in the extra attention and don't worry about it.


Carpe diem, baby!
how do you react when your work collegues or friends (esp male friends),
notice that you have lost weight:eek:
I say thanks and then carry on conversing if they want to...it's complimentary...and as for the guy staring whoo hoo! Bring it ON!


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well the work collegue i was not really bothered about, was just hoping she didn't think i was being sick on purpose.

and the male well it was funny but it did get to the point where i was getting embarrassed as didn't know where to look, and the more he stared the more i wanted to look to see if he was staring, and then the fact that my boyfriend was there .... didn't want to start any trouble, but i mut admit it was fun, and i guess great that i am loosing weght to the point where people are noticing. hee hee

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