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  1. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Hello everyone,
    I have spent the last three weeks dipping in and out of these forums searching for inspiration and motivation and finally decided to join today to tell my story and journey that the next twelve months will bring.
    I'm due to get married next November and desperately want to be at my best so I can look back on photos and not regret how I look.
    So I joined slimming world at the beginning of November and haven't looked back since. Been on the plan for two week so far and have lost 9.5lbs and due to get weighed again this Wednesday.
    So far it's been a very positive experience but at the moment I can't help feeling that my goal of 12 stone is out of reach I have never ever been below 14stone.

    Anyway that's my brief story and I hope to share my highs and lows with you all and fingers crossed I can be a slim bride in 2013..... 49 weeks to go!!!!
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  3. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    It's been a weird few days for me I lost my motivation all day on Thursday and plus the miserable weather made me feel low anyway. If that wasn't bad enough I'm now worrying I won't lose anything next week because it's going to be that time of the month for me.
    I'm also beginning to completely over think what I'm eating.
    Today for example I have had

    Two weetabix with hot water and 1tsp honey HEXB
    A banana

    Mushrooms and onions with beans and eggs and one slimming world cheese scone
    One Greek style muller light
    An apple

    Low fat ham with potatoes cabbage carrots and swede
    One Greek style mullet light

    A glass of milk HEXA

    Throughout the day a few slimming world home made jelly sweets

    I just feel like I have eaten too much!!!!!!
  4. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Still plodding along and last week got my stone award and it makes me feel I will get to my target before my target date! been having a good week this week as its a soup week and made a ton of homemade beet root and tomato soups.
    I can't wait to get the Christmas period over with so I can crack on with my wedding planning :D
  5. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    I just wanted to update my diary really. I feel as if I have been having a good week although not been to the gym as much as previous weeks because I've been Christmas shopping!!! anyway I said to myself I would treat myself to my favourite gingerbread latte.....but when it came to the crunch I couldn't bring myself to do it. black coffee all the way!
    I have been thinking in my head if I am able to consistently loose two pounds a week I could get to my target by June a whole five months before my wedding date but I still can't imagine myself that way as I'm having a mental image crisis.
    I really need to start writing down my food diary again as I completely missed out my HEXA last night and before now I have missed my HEXB. Unintentionally but I must plan more!
  6. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    I really should post a bit more! slimming world has been going really well so far and I'm only half a pound off my one and a half stone award. I'm confident I will get it by next week though. Wedding plans have come to a halt over the Christmas period to start up again in January. Christmas will definately not be stopping my weight loss no matter what I'm determined to e slim!!!
  7. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Feeling pretty low at the moment I always do over Christmas and it makes me want to comfort eat. Have to keep myself busy. Already sorted through my wardrobe today and then later I have to take my dad to hospital. Going armed with beetroot soup.
    Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm really hoping to get to ten percent loss.
  8. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    So far this week I have been really good on the slimming world plan. Made a scan bran Christmas cake....tried to eat a scan bran but failed half way through. It's pure evil. will only be buying it in the future to make cakes with!!! lol
    the point of this diary entry is to remind myself scan bran is nasty :D
  9. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Christmas week done now have a lot of chocolate to eat but instead of getting rid of it I will be eating it just very very slowly by staying within my sun allowance daily. it should last well into the summer months. I did stick to plan over Christmas generally and managed to lose a pound. It's not exactly the amount I'm used to losing BUT I'm not going to beat myself up because I haven't had access to my gym, it's my TTOM and I have indulged slightly. Roll on 2013.
  10. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Went shopping today in the sales and came back with size 12/14 clothes that actually fit!!!! I can't believe it but I didn't want to buy too much as the weight loss continues.....fingers crossed to be in size 10/12 by November 2013 :))
  11. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    For all of this week I have been having my full syn allowance daily so it will be interesting to see what the scales say in three days time....... Worried
  12. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Right it's no good starting a food diary on here for a week so I can physically see what I'm eating and if I'm going wrong....

    Breakfast: fruit salad
    Snack: one apple and a piece of scan bran fruit cake / one syn
    Lunch: prawn salad, cherry muller light
    Snack: two rocky road hi light bars HEXB
    Dinner: CHicken korma with brown basmati rice slimming world recipe
    Dessert: scan bran fruit cake with a Greek style muller light / one and a half syns
    Mikado sticks about ten / five syns

    One glass of semi skimmed milk HEXA

    (I won't bother documenting my fluid intake unless it's milk related as I know drink plenty of fluid at least two litres a day)

    Total syns today 7.5
    Body magic - one hour body pump
  13. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast : fruit salad
    Snack: apple and cherry mullerlight
    Lunch: eggs with fried veg selection
    Snack: two rocky road hi light bars HEXB
    dinner: bubble and squeak starter 4syns for sauce
    Grilled steak main with salad vinegarette sauce 3syns?
    Mullerlight choc and mint

    Two chocolates 8syns?

    Glass of milk HEXA

    Forgot to add 1hour 30mins body magic -walking

    Total 15syns
    Last edited: 4 January 2013
  14. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: weetabix and banana with hot water and one tsp of honey 1syn and HEXB
    Snack: apple and a banana custard mullerlight
    Lunch: wholegrain pasta with tin tomatoes and peas, one slice of lean ham
    Snack: 0% fat yoghurt with 1tsp honey 1syn
    Dinner: slimming world chicken korma with a packet of wholegrain rice 2.5syns
    Dessert : greek style muller light with one freddo 5.5syns

    Glass of milk HEXA

    One hour body magic - body pump

    Total syns: 10
  15. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: fruit salad
    Snack: slice of scan bran cake 1syn
    Lunch:quorn chicken fillet with onion and mushy peas
    Greek style muller light half a syn
    Snack: banana
    two rocky road hi light bars HEXB
    one slice of lean ham
    Dinner: pork with slimming world chips and leek and carrots
    Mullerlight yoghurt
    Options hot chocolate 2 syns made with milk from HEXA
    Mikado sticks probably 8syns worth
    One Percy pig 1.5syns

    Total syns 13
    Body magic one hour cardio at gym plus walking there and back

    Feel like I have had a bad day due to the extra food I had due to munches prior dinner :S
  16. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast:fruit salad with 0% fat yoghurt
    Lunch:egg, ham, potatosalad
  17. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    argh iPhone playing up!
    Starting again
    Breakfast:fruit salad with yoghurt and honey 1syn
    Snack: apple
    Lunch: potato egg and ham salad with 1.5syns light mayo
    Mullerlight yoghurt
    Snack: one hi light bar HEXB
    Dinner: beef with veg and 1syn used on gravy
    Mullerlight yoghurt and one hi light bar HEXB

    Glass of milk HEXA

    Total syns 3.5

    No body magic

    Tried to reign it in a bit to compensate for yesterday but disappointed I didn't make the effort to go to the gym today.
  18. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: fig, apple and a Greek muller half a syn
    Snacks: fresh cherries
    Lunch:tomato pasta pot with brocolli
    Satsuma and a mullerlight
    Snack:banana and weetabix with honey HEXB and one syn
    Dinner: turkey and bacon stir fry with thread fine noodles one and a half syns
    Mullerlight yoghurt

    200mls of chocolate oat milk HEXA

    Total syns 3 at the moment debating whether to have some mikado or chocolate.

    Body magic: one hour at gym plus walking there and back

    Have asked my instructor to up the intensity next session whoop
  19. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: fruit and natural yoghurt and honey 1syn
    Lunch:turkey onion and bean salad light mayo 1.5syn
    Two hi light bars HEXB
    Dinner: beef stew with cabbage and onion
    Greek muller light half a syn
    Mikado x 8 four syns
    Percy pig x 1 one and a half syns

    Glass of chOC milk HEXA

    Total syns = 8.5 syns

    Body magic one hour hilly walking.

    weigh in tomorrow and I'm sooo tired :(
  20. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: fruit and yoghurt 1tsp of honey 1syn
    Lunch: ham salad
    Mullerlight yoghurt
    Snack:weetabix HEXB with one banana
    Dinner:chickpea Dahl with brown rice and side salad
    Slimming world roulade summer berrie I'm going to class as half a syn even though is much less!!

    Glass of oatly choc milk HEXA
    4 mikado sticks 2syns

    Total syns 3.5
    Body magic one hour body pump

    Had weigh in at class at 4pm today and lost 1.5lbs

    Now next week I'm going to try really hard to get my two stone award also I'm interested in spinning class but scared as never done it before :(
  21. RLALLAN84

    RLALLAN84 Full Member

    Breakfast: half a banana because it was MASSIVE
    Lunch: super speed soup
    Mullerlight yoghurt
    Dinner: baked cod with slimming world chips and salad
    Slimming world roulade with summer berries
    Two hi fi light bars HEXB
    glass of chocolate milk HEXA

    Freddo bar : 5 syns

    Total syns is 5 syns

    I'm trying for a super speed week so fingers crossed and let's see what happen especially as I am due to retain water this week. Dam you TOTM.

    Forgot to say body magic : one hour gym this morning cardio
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