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  1. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    This is my 8th week on WW and I have noticed my attention to counting points properly dropped so this is why I am starting this diary. My allowance is 18 points a day.

    All comments are welcome!:)
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  3. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    b: porridge with water 2

    s: grapefruit 1

    l: ww hot pot 3.5
    salad 0
    soup 0.5

    s: yogurt 0.5

    d: paella with chix and prawns 8.5
    ww ice creams 1.5


    Might have a hot choc before bed:)

    Paella was yummy, huge portion for 8.5 points. Next time will add less chicken and will count 6pts. If anyone needs a paella recipe let me know and I will post it!
  4. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    b: porriage 2

    l: wrap with ham and mayo 4 salad 0

    s: grapefruit 1 soup 0

    d: Noodles 2 chix 3 oil 1 souce 2

    p: yog 0.5 jelly 0

    This is my plan for today. All adds up to 15.5 so got 2.5 left. Saving it for tomorrow becuase got people for dinner and will have a big meal and a glass of vino:party0036:
  5. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Very good day today. Noticed when I am busy and out of the house I am not snacking and not thinking about food much.

    b: porridge 2

    l: tuna salad 3
    ww crisps 1

    s: 2 satsumas 0.5

    d: scallops with parma ham 3
    souvlaki with rice 8
    rhubarb crumble (yummy) 3

    20.5 today so went over my 18 points!:eek: Tomorrow will have 15.5 to make up for today.:)
  6. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    OOOOh paella sounds yummo, could I have the recipe please. Good luck with the coming week. I'll keep poping in to read how it's going :O)
  7. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    The basic recipe for two people is:
    150g paella rice 7points
    1 onion chopped
    1 clove of garlic chopped
    1 red pepper chopped
    1 tomato chopped
    1 pint of veg or chicken stock
    few strings of saffron but if you don't have any don't worry
    30g frozen peas 0.5 point
    100g small frozen prawns 1.5 points
    AND 2 small chicken breasts 4points or cup of cockles 1points or small chorizo 2points

    In a big pan in frylite sear chicken for few minutes so its cook outside but not inside. Take it out and put on a side. Put onions into a pan and cook for 3-4 min, add peppers, garlic and tomato and cook for 5 min. Add rice and stir well for few minutes until is mixed well with vegetables. Add stock, seared chicken, green peas and the rest (prawns, cockles, chorizo) cover with lid and simmer for 20 min or until stock evaporates.Serve with wedge of lemon. Enjoy.:)
    Basic recipe with chicken and prawns in 6 points.
  8. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    Thank You I may give it a go over this weekend... just a quick one is the sugar free jelly 0 points? Thank you :O)
  9. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    I think so. one packet makes a pint of jelly and it is four serving and each serving is something about 10kcal so i think it is free. It is great when I want a long lasting snack as I eat one cup of jelly for 15 min!:)
  10. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Had a good day today. As still can run and I am awaiting referral for physio I had to try other sports. Went swimming (30min) in the morning to my local pool and after did Davina's workout first part which took me 40min. So not too bad. :)
    Food wise I have been very good so far.

    b: porridge 2
    l: ww meal (need to start eating things from freezer coz it is full:))4.5
    s: yog 0.5
    apple 0.5
    cereal bar 1
    d:jacket potato with creamy mushrooms 4.5
    yog 1
    ww crisps 1 - going to watch a movie and fancy a salty snack:)
    15 points only .I am paying back points for last night dinner:)
    Cooking some roast tomato and peppers soup now for weekend to help me stay within my points!
  11. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    Thanks I'll invest in some jelly defo! You seem like your very motivated :O)
  12. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Sometimes feeling more desparated than motivated:) Gotta wear a bikini this year! :)
  13. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    It must help posting your diary? no pressure but people are logging on to see how your doing, it's great inspiration for me so thank you :O)
  14. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    You are welcome. It is very motivating when people letting you know they are reading your posts:) I noticed I am feeling more in control of what I eat this week because I want to be honest on with what I am writing in here:) Have you got a food diary?
  15. JaxieD

    JaxieD Silver Member

    I have to agree about the paella!!:D I have a slight variation on your one but it is really yum and filling!! I put smoked paprika in it instead of saffron - it's a great dish for 6 points!!

  16. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Good idea with smoked paprika. I wanted to make it look authentic and yellowish and couldn't think of anything else than curry powder or saffron to do this job:)
  17. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    No food diary for me I've just started so i'll wait a while to see if I get stuck. Still finding my way around here! Cooking 0 soup and curry this weekend paella next weekend yummyyyyy!
  18. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Ugg: I love 0 points soups and veg curry. They always help me to stick to my points because I got huge appetite:)Let me know what you think of 0 points curry.:)
  19. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Today I haven't been very wise with my food choices(so much bread!) but managed to stay within my points.

    I am very nervous about next week and my diet. My BF has got bday and we are having big nights out on Wed, Thur and Friday. On top of this got big family lunch on Sunday and I am cooking it plus bake a cake:) i LOVE BAKING CAKES!:)

    If you got any ideas what can I do to survive coming week let me know.


    b: 2 toast 1.5 ww jam 0.5

    L: 2 sliced of bread 1.5
    ham 1.5
    mayo 0.5
    salad 0

    S: crumble 3

    D: chicken kebab with salad and pita 8.5?
    yog 1

    No exercises. Planning on doing some tomorrow morning. Hate to say but feeling very good with no booze:) It has been over a week since I had a drink and I have notice I am less hungry because I am having more points to spend on my food instead doing -3 every day for a evening glass of vino:)

    Have a good weekend everyone:)
    Last edited: 28 February 2009
  20. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Today again within my points:):angel09: Started saving 4 a day for next week going out.

    b: porridge with water 1.5

    s: fruit salad 1.5

    l: 2 sliced of bread 1.5
    ham 1.5
    coleslaw 0.5

    s: skinny cappuccino 1

    d: 2 eggs 3
    ham 2
    muller yog 1.5

    So 14/18 and did a bit of exercises this morning: first part of Davina's workout plus leg and abs in total 1h10min. Already feeling it in my legs an bum:eek:

    Does anyone exercising with workout DVDs at home? if yes, which one do you use?
  21. nuneczka

    nuneczka Silver Member

    Nuneczka lost 2 lbs!:)

    Just had my WI and lost 2 lbs this week:D

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