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Nurse really pleased with me


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I went for a 6 month BP check yesterday & full fasting bloods.
Obviously I have to wait until the end of the week for those results, but they've always been good.

The nurse said straight away 'look at the weight you've lost. I think you need some smaller trousers!' They are very baggy!

Then she weighed me & told me I was 1 1/2 stone lighter than last time. My scales weren't fibbing, I really have lost all that weight & now it's on my med records:D

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That's great news Sharon. well done love. :bliss: :bliss:

now go and get some new trousers. :)


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Hahaha. I keep thinking I'll wait, but I can't get into my little ones & my big ones are all huge! I don't what happen to the 'in between ones' :D
Well done!! I look like MC Hammer in all of my trousers at the moment (I don't often wear skirts). I think I will have to move the button accross on them all. They are too baggy round the legs too. I'm just too tight to buy new ones right now.


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Yay, I found 2 pairs that fit in the wardrobe. One pair still has the label one :O
I also found 2 dresses with the labels on that I had forgotten I bought. Nearer to getting into them now.I also had, neatly folded up 35 tops that I had got too big for & loved them too much to give to charity. The scary thing is that was only 2 shelves of the wardrobes, I have 6 more to look through!!!!

Thank goodness I've sorted the hanging stuff :)
That's so lovely to have someone else comment on your loss, isn't it Cinta! Good luck with the blood tests too.

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Well done both Sharon and Stephen!

I've just phoned for my results & they are all excellent. My chlolesterol has always been good, but it's now better than ever before. Good old LC :D:D
well done!

the clothes thing...so it's not just me that has one drawer of stuff that fits, and 7 drawers of stuff that used to fit!

i keep thinking of all the clothes in there that i used to wear and like, and am so looking forward to fitting in them again, i shan't need to buy anything for years!


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LOL Taz - I have a ton of shirts that are ready and waiting for me to lose some of my tum.

I'm so excited about fitting in to them, I might even iron them! :) (domestic goddess I ain't).



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I went through my clothes a few weeks ago and found everything that now fitted was 5 years out of date! I took it all to the charity bin but want to wait until I've lost more before replacing it. The cupboards still seem stuffed but I still have nothing to wear!

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