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God thats a long shift.I fill up a volvic ltr bottle and aim to drink one full one before each shake, not that it always works out like that.I am sure you will manage fine.Good luck.
Am a nurse too and I try to fit in a tea and 2 glasses of water before work that gets me 900 mls in credit.....then take 2 litres with me and decant into smaller bottle and tuck it close by but away from main view and keep going back to it for sips (we aren't supposed to be human and eat or drink in front of patients lol) then I do the 900ml thing when I get home, it tends to cover it.
Im a bit concerned too Dena, Im on call on thursday for HAC and MAU (13 hour shift, boo) and wondering

a) where on earth I can find the time to drink the water/go to the toilet
b) where on earth Im going to make my shake? I have a trusty hand blender which I will take into work every day but it's noisy and I dont want to draw attention to myself about being on LT. And I dont particularly want to make them in the Doctor's Mess because everyone thinks Im weird at work anyway and plus it has mice in there...bleuch.

I just think if we can find the will to do it, we can. I heard about LT recently from a good friend of mine at work who was a Sister on a surgical ward and she inspired me to do it. If she could do it, I can. She used to carry round a bottle of water with her wherever she went.
im sure i will be fine, i bought a shaker from the chemist where i get weighed and you don't need a blender just shake it and it works great!! As for the shifts im a sister on icu so have more opportunity to drink and wee as we are allowed drinks on the unit but its that busy sometimes i forget to drink lol.
Princess of power i would definately try the shaker as it gets rid of the blender completely, apart from the soup as you cant have hot water in it, i make mine with cold and microwave it still tastes just as bad lol
I used my lighter life shaker last year and it was awful, the shakes were so lumpy...maybe I was using it wrong?
I used my lighter life shaker last year and it was awful, the shakes were so lumpy...maybe I was using it wrong?

I've been using my celebrity slim shaker ([email protected] all these past diets) and it has been doing the job nicely. Does yours have a little net/sieve type plastic thing beneath the lid which breaks the lumps up? I think thats what makes the difference.

Also -perhaps a flask would enable you to make the soup with hot water and shake it up without microwaving it...tho -no plastic net/sieve thingy:eek::sigh:
yes it does have a sieve thing at the top i think thats what does it cause haven't had any lumps yet thank god ive got enough already lol
mine had the lumps! But it was with Lighter Life shakes and I only tried it with the chicken soup and it minged.

I may buy one at WI then and see how that goes...

BTW, I so want to cry. One of my friends who I though was much bigger than me just told me she's a stone lighter than me despite being 2 dress sizes bigger than me.

Ive obviously been deluding myself, thinking I dont look that bad. :cry:
oh dont worry hun its how you carry it and where i am bigger than my friend who is doing LT but she weighs nearly 2 stone heavier but she has god huge boods and is an inch taller lol so i wouldn't worry
Thanks hun, Ive forgotten how emotional and teary I can be on a VLCD. Ive just hidden myself away all day, I havent even spoken much to my OH who is doing so well on LT.

I'll be ok tomorrow, back to work will take my mind off things. I wonder if people'll notice Ive lost a bit already..doubtful but it'd be fun if they did!!!
It took people 4 weeks to start saying they noticed anything (except for my OH)! At first I felt highly insulted and then it just came to me out of the blue that everyone around me isn't as obsessed with my weight and how I look as I am myself! That cheered me up.

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