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Nut Brown Hare's Slimming World Food Diary


I am new to Minimins but have been doing SW for about 6 weeks now & have lost 8lbs in total :D. This is going to be my diary, please feel free to comment & offer suggestions!

I have done SW in the past but put weight back on when I had my little boy (now 2 so there's no excuse) and the whole Extra Easy thing is a revelation to me. I used to always have green days and use one of my HEB on meat but now I nearly always have extra easy days.

Well, here's today 27th May 2010

Strawberries, mango, grapes & a banana with Total greek yogurt. Drizzle of honey (call it 2 syns to be on safe side) and an Alpen Light bar (half of HEB) crumbled over the top. Nom nom, could eat it again now :p.

1 x Alpen Light (other half of HEB)
a carrot

Left over home made chilli & rice (chilli has steak mince, peppers, onions, tomatoes, kidney beans, baked beans and sweetcorn in it).
Strawberries & pineapple
Weight Watchers Strawberry yogurt

Afternoon snack:

Carbonara type thing with pasta, fromage frais, cooked bacon, blob of Boursin Light (2 syns), LF cheddar (HEA), courgettes, garlic and peas.
Garlic bread (2 slices, 6 syns)

Evening snack:
Probably a mini milk. I'm addicted :D (1 and a half syns).

Total syns: 11 and a 1/2

I am a very hungry person in the morning and am currently sat here staring at the clock waiting until it's midday so I can eat my lunch.

I am so glad I found Minimins, so much useful information on here and so many nommy recipes - I did the KFC chicken last week and it was lovely. Planning to have that again soon.
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Hello Nut Brown Hare,

I really enjoyed reading your diary, it all looked so familiar!

I used to follow slimming world, got right down to my goal weight before I got married in 2007 and then went right back up again after having my little boy (who is 2 nest tuesday!)

I have started posting my diary as I havn't been writing it down every day and I loose track!

I love your idea for chilli, is it free on EE?

I also love Mini Milk's .... bought them for my little boy but keep pinching them myself :p
Hi Smudger,

You sound just like me - I got married in 2007 as well, had a baby in 2008 and now trying to lose those pounds again. We're even a similar weight & have a similar goal :D!

I'll have to go & have a look at your diary for ideas (I am pretty boring foodwise).

Yes, the chilli I make is free on EE - I dry fry the steak mince, add chopped green peppers & onions, cook for a bit until soft then add a tin of tomatoes, a tin of baked beans, a drained tin of kidney beans and the spices. I use lots of black pepper, a teaspoon each of cumin and coriander and as much chilli powder as you like. It tastes even better if you chop up a chilli to go in it but I don't often bother. I need to check if those crushed chillies that you can buy in jars are free on SW - I used to use those all the time.
I cook the chilli for a good hour and then add some tinned sweetcorn just before serving to warm it up. I love it and have it most weeks as it makes loads & I can freeze it and take left-overs to work.

I have to admit that my little boy hasn't had a single one of my mini milks - they tend to be an evening treat after he's gone to bed. What a mean mummy I am! I will have to make sure I let him have one tomorrow.
Ooohh yum, yum .. will be trying the chilli at the weekend :eat:

I'm not sure about the chilli's, the dried crushed chilli's are free but if you mean the one's in a jar they may have syns. I'll see if they are listed in any of my books.

Looking forward to keeping in touch and sharing ideas :p I sometimes think that i'm boring the life out of everyone with my diet so it's great to find so many to share with!
Bank holiday weekend! Hurrah!

I know what you mean - my hubbie is already getting a bit fed up of 'syns' and doesn't understand the fact I need to have different bread to him :rolleyes:

Had a lovely day today as I don't work Fridays and hubbie had the day off, too. Took our little boy swimming and went for brunch at a local greasy spoon (not that greasy, luckily :cool:).

Well, here's today's scoffings:

Same concoction as yesterday - strawbs, pineapple, apple, mango with Total greek yogurt, honey and 1 x Alpen Light (half HEB). 2 syns.

Lunch / Brunch:
Bacon, fried egg (will allow 1 syns as not sure what it was cooked in but it was very dry), baked beans 1 x wholemeal toast no butter (other half of HEB).


Sort of SW quiche thing; LF cottage cheese, eggs, peppers, onion, bacon, 42g LF cheddar (HEA), peas. Served with salad, beetroot & some salad cream (2 and a half syns).
Potato wedges.

Evening treat:
Mini milk (there's a surprise) 1 and a half syns.

Makes a total of 7 syns today, unless I added up wrong. Bah, just realised I could've pinched one of hubbie's chocolate digestives. Never mind, got a birthday party to go to tomorrow so maybe good that I save a few syns. Plus the toast I had today prob was a few syns as think it would've been from a 800g loaf.

God, I ramble on :eek:
Feel like I've not stuck to the plan today as I have nibbled but I'm trying to make myself feel better by choosing to believe I haven't gone over my day's syns :(.

Fruit, Total yogurt, 1 Alpen Light (half of HEB), honey 2 syns, yada, yada, yada...

Other Alpen Light (HEB)

Nibbles at nephew's birthday party:
1 x chicken nugget
a couple of chips
half a pizza finger thing (was tiny)
very small piece of birthday cake
handful of salt & vinegar crisps

Small jacket potato with lots of salad & some cottage cheese. Oh, and a boiled egg.

Meatballs & pasta

Evening mini milk (1 and a half syns)

No idea what my nibbles amount to and also realised I didn't have my HEA today. Not 100% which I think is the first day I have strayed. I could have been much worse, though :rolleyes: I resisted wine!

Well, tomorrow is another day and I doubt I've done any real damage.
Ah .. don't worry about it. Just put it down to flexi syns and get back to it tomorrow.

We are having a bbq for my little boy's birthday tomorrow so i'm going to go EE and make lot's of SW salads! but I will be having a glass of wine and some birthday cake! :p


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Hiya, Just curious! Does your username have anything to do with the book "Guess How Much I Love You"? I read that to my baby daughter most nights and it has Big Nut Brown Hare and Little Nut Brown Hare in the book!
Hope you enjoyed your little boy's party, Smudger, bet your guests felt all the better for having an Extra Easy day with you :).

SaraC, yes, it is to do with that book, I am soppy. I love it & read it to my little boy as often as he'll let me. Unfortunately he prefers The Gruffalo :rolleyes:

Haven't had the chance to get on here much over the weekend but I didn't wallow in self pity about the birthday party munchies and was really good for the rest of the weekend.

Instead of filling in the blanks for the last couple of days I'll do today's diary, Extra Easy as usual:

Usual fruit salad, yogurt & honey (2 syns)combo with 1 Alpen Light (HEB)

Other Alpen Light (HEB)

Tesco Light Choices Tomato & Cheese pasta (2 syns)
Salad (watercress, beetroot & cucumber)
Pineapple & strawberries

Snack: 3 mini Babybel Light (HEA) 1 Ryvita multigrain (2 syns)

Chicken curry (made with paste - 3 syns), green peppers, onions, sweetcorn.
Poppadom (2 syns)
Mango chutney (2 syns)

Weigh in tonight so depending on whether I lose I might rebel and have extra poppadoms ;)

So, total syns realistically likely to be just over the 15 mark today.

Wish me luck for weigh-in. I seem to lose weight at such a slow rate that a STS or gain would feel like a real setback.
Oh dear, I am already really bad at remembering to do this :( I get distracted every time I come on here looking at other posts :eek:

Well, only lost half a pound at the last weigh in so I have been trying to fit in some green days to mix it up a bit.

Today was green;
Breakfast: Fruit, Total greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon, Alpen Light (HEB)

Snack: Hi fi bar (HEB) - toffee and pecan one which I hadn't tried before. It was nommy.

Lunch: Pasta & sauce with 1 oz cheddar on top (2 x HEA for cheese & milk)

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Asda chick pea dahl, rice, 2 x poppadoms, mango chutney

Snack: other Alpen Light from HEB

So, syns today: Honey (2 syns) Poppadoms (4 syns) Mango chutney (2 syns) 8 in total.

Was planning a red day tomorrow but will be making it EE now as hubbie wants to go out for breakfast and I won't be able to resist baked beans with my bacon & eggs ;)
Green day here for me:

Fruit & yogurt (run out of Total greek yogurt so boring Muller Mandarin. Pah.)
1 x Alpen Light bar

Lunch: 2 x fried egg (we were out for brunch so counting this as 2 syns as not sure how they were cooked), bacon (HEB) and baked beans.

Afternoon snack:
Alpen Light bar (other half of HEB)
Pink & white mallow thingy (2.5 syns)
2 x Mikado (1 syn)
Omelette with HEA x 2 of cheddar, onions, yellow pepper, peas, sweetcorn & baked beans.

Just had a mini milk, too (1.5 syns)
Green day again for me today.
Fruit & Total yogurt with honey (2 syns)
Boiled egg

Snack: Toffee hifi bar (HEB), banana

Jacket potato with home made coleslaw (1 syn) and watercress. 1 oz cheddar (HEA)

Snack: lost count of Mikado biscuits today, prob about 10. Oops. 5 syns

KFC chicken thing - counting 5 syns for the breadcrumbs and HEB for the chicken. Salad, potati wedges, corn on the cob and more coleslaw. I think I am in love with home-made coleslaw, put lots of black pepper and chives from the garden in it today and it was lush, even though I do say so myself :p

Bah, don't want to go back to work tomorrow, had a lovely weekend. :(


Serial Foodie!
i just saw that your name relates to the childrens book. thats one of my favourite books to read with my son and i always tell my babies that i love them to the moon and back. hes a total 'mr men' fanatic though and the other two are 9 and 12 so just tut at me lol.
Cheers guys, nice to know people are dropping in even though I don't do anything particularly exciting with my food :p.

My little boy is two and I have to admit he prefers his digger book or the Gruffalo at the moment but I do try to read the book to him as much as he'll let me :rolleyes:

Well, today's EE menu is looking like this:

Fruit, greek yogurt, honey (2 syns), cinnamon. Today I had blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, banana and a peach. I am so sad I actually look forward to my breakfast when I go to bed the night before. Methinks this is an unhealthy food fetish :D

Toffee & pecan hifi bar (HEB)

Jacket potato, salad and cheese (HEA)
Mandarin Muller yog

Strawberries & pineapple

Morrison's sausages (2 syns for 4), savoury rice, roasted peppers, peas & corn on the cob

Evening snack:
Ooooh, mmmm, aah maybe a mini milk???? (1.5 syns) and I really should finish off the box of Mikado I bought and never buy them again. They are too easy to lose count of and too quick to eat :eek:

So today is looking pretty good, no snacks at work to tempt me today so far (although I am very good at resisting them - polishes halo with a smug look on her face)

I was a bit stupid and weighed myself this morning and it said 10 stone 9 which is what it has been saying for the last god knows how many weeks so again I'm worried I won't have lost for weigh in tomorrow. I am trying to concentrate on the fact that my clothes are definitely looser and the scales were only about £7 from Argos so probably cannot be trusted.
Was too full for any snacks last night after my dinner so not very many syns at all for me yesterday. I made my hubbie eat the rest of the Mikado so I'm not tempted by them.

Weigh in day today, feeling rather nervous but fingers crossed.

Today's an EE day.

Oatso Simple (HEB) made with milk (HEA), grapes & blueberries

Cheese curls (3.5 syns)

Left over cold savoury rice & 2 sausages (1 syn)
Muller Apricot yogurt

Pineapple & strawberries

Fresh tastes Gammon in Cheese sauce from Asda (saw it in the SW magazine, think it was 2.5 syns per portion? Will have to check)
Corn on the cob, peas, potato wedges
Peach for pudding

Evening snack:
Probably won't have one as I eat my dinner after weight in so pretty late.

About 7 syns today although someone has brought SHORTBREAD into work which is my fave. It shouldn't be allowed ;)

Looks like you have been doing really well! I have been away for a week, staying in a caravan on the south coast, it was lovely to be away and the weather was amazing .. I even came back with a tan!

Was really pleased as I managed to stick to the programme (apart from the Fish and Chips, the Ice Cream and the Blueberry Tart!?) managed not to put any weight on though ... more good luck than good management I feel!

Which Morrison's sausages do you use? Are they low fat/Eat Smart ones?
Hi there Smudger, very jealous of your holiday. We were supposed to be going away at the end of the month but didn't get round to booking anything so we're just going to have days out instead. We live in Hampshire so lots of lovely places to visit and the coast isn't too far away.

You did really well to maintain while you were away - bet you were relieved when you stepped on those scales. Blueberry tart sounds too good to pass up!

I have been really lazy with my food diary this week, I find it difficult to get the time to come on here for long enough & end up getting distracted reading everyone else's posts. :eek:

I do get the Morrison's Eat Smart sausages, in the blue packaging. They're only half a syn each and ok although I have to be honest I probably wouldn't choose them if I wasn't on SW.

Hope you're having a good week.

I know what you mean about getting on here to do the diary but it does help me as i'm not going to a class, just doing it myself from home, that said, I didn't get on to post yesterday!?

We were in Hampshire for the last few days of our holiday! My cousin lives in Dibden Purlieu and my aunt and uncle live in Hythe. I love the New Forest so we visit them on a regular basis.

I'll give the Morrissons sausages a go, I also saw somewhere that tesco have some that are 1 syn, i'll let you know if i find them.

I made a syn free quiche at the weekend which was really yummy .. the recipe is on here, I would definitely reccommend it!

Well done on your last weigh in, 2lbs is fab! :happy096:

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