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O M G - What a workout!

Im just back from the gym, thats my 3rd session this week. I can honestly say my muscles are trembling! I have worked so hard - I am actually amazed at the improvement in my fitness and strength in just 3 sessions. I could do more press ups and more arm weights than i could on monday!

I am going on saturday afternoon for my 4th session this week, and intend to do 4 sessions every week until the end of august.

I am actually quite excited at the thought of how good im going to be at press ups by the end of august! I can see this being my new party trick...

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gi jane watch out.. its great when you really get into exercise. this time last year i was very fit and went 5 days a week i also ran the manchester run. exercise is addictive just wait and see
Oh - i really am starting to feel great about it already - im excited about the progress i am going to make over the next month - i am on my last stone and i sooo want to tone up and look my best! i just posted on ur thread babe! so glad u are starting and im sure you will be back into exercise and toning up soon as well! :) good luck xox


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just put us to shame why don't you. guess what exercise i have done today? arm exercises. lifting my shake to my mouth. then a fag. then my shake. then a fag. i feel a bit tired from all that so i'm going to wait a while before i have my 3rd shake!
awwwwwwwww bless - well done vickie! xox
One? Nah - 5 star baby - only the best for you!



a new way of living!
lmao - you lot are crazy! xxx

well done julz, i love to see muscles on women, good for you!

when i was younger i used to teach martial arts (ju-jitsu) and do powerlifting, and i once beat a guy at arm wrestling in the pub (as you do!) it was sooooooooo cool! hehehe.

that was before my body crapped out on me! ;)

his face was a picture though, i'm 5'2/3" and weighed about 9 stone at the time, mostly muscle, and was a crazy biker chick, i had a round of applause in the pub!
Lol nice one! U crazy biker chick eh! Wow! Xxx


a new way of living!
hehehe thanks, i've gone all laura ashley now though! sweet and sensible, has to be done at some point!
(did keep my collection of swords, sticks, knifes and weights though! much to keith's horrow when i moved in! he made me ditch my tarot cards though! small compromise!)

god i sound like a right loon!
You put me to shame, you really are wonder woman! xx


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Hey G if you dont do the workout you dont look so bloody bad on it lol xx
Hey G if you dont do the workout you dont look so bloody bad on it lol xx

Thanks babe but I am 100% wobble... one day I might shift my backside but not hopeful!



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Haha I am trying but when i do some star jumps me belly wobble hurts lol! xx
Haha I am trying but when i do some star jumps me belly wobble hurts lol! xx
LOL, right with you there hun! My husband calls me tactile, nice and squishy! xx


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If i keep still my tum looks good! Millie said 2 today when she pointed to my belly..i stood up quickly!!
Your hubby puts it nicely hun lol xx
Julz you put me to shame! All I've done today is water the garden and paint a couple of doors and a window sill!!!!!

I think I'll have a session with the Slendertone before bed!

I have told my sister I will go to her workout class when I'm at hers next week - if I can get my trainers on!!! My toe is still so painful I am living in flip flops at the mo, I can't even get the new trendy shoes (like the ones I bought my daughters last week) on! And they are sooooooooo cute and comfy looking!

Julz, you have inspired me to get off my big bum and move myself!



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when ever i do star jumps a little bit of wee comes out.

Hit those weights wonder woman and hit them hard and heavy, you'll get leaner and be able to mold your shape a lot faster.

GI Jane rocks


Says it as it is!!!
Well done hun....if they do kick boxing sessions at your gym you should try those tooo they are FAB!!!! Nothing like stress relief on someone else hehehe
You are 110% motivated miss WONDERWOMAN!!! Can't wait to see the pic!
lol I can see you now dropping to the floor in the middle of a poker game, and giving them 100 ...:)

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