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Why do men think they so far more important than us????:mad:
Me and hubby are having money problems at the moment so I'm trying to find a better job (paying more, work more hours etc etc). I have an interview next week (got my new outfit for it by the way!:D) for a major bank and I really want the job. Hubby told me he should be able to sort the time off to look after the littlun while i do my training if the job was offered to me, so I went ahead and applied for the job (if he couldn't get the time off I would have waited and applied at a later date).
He's just phoned me up and told me that if I get the job then chances are my 2 weeks training will be during the summer holidays and he was hoping to work his shifts around my training and Jasmines school hours so he didn't have to take official time off but because of the summer break he can't do this!!!!!:eek::mad::eek::mad:
Why do men say they can do things before they check that they actually can (I swear it's just to shut us up!:mad:), I never would have applied if I thought he wouldn't stick to his word now if they offer me the job I'll have to explain to them I can't do the training until September because the time of year wasn't convenient for my husband and his work! I'm going to look like a total idiot and a time waster!
What makes this all worse is he tried to tell me I'm just as much to blame because I didn't remind him it was the summer holidays!:eek: I've now told him that in future unless he knows for certain then not to let his mouth write cheques his arse can't cash!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

Sorry rant over!:cry:
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awww men typical hun.my fella said he would take the rubbish out last night..the night went on i said nothing no rubbish brought out then we were going to bed last night i checked the back door and made a sigh at the rubbish but didnt say anything...he goes oh il bring it out in the morn before i go to work...and what do you know he didnt!!!!!!! i love that last bit about writing cheques and not been able to cash ahahahaha

Hopefully if you get the job they will let you do the trianing in sept, is there anyone else that could mind her?

becky xxx


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I've don't really know anyone here (I'm sad I know!) and my closest family member lives over 50 miles away and I wouldn't rely on her anyway she's just as self involved as hubby!:eek:
Get one of your daughters friends mothers to look after her for a few days perhaps? Instead of paying her, say you owe her a favour and then in the long run it's easier cos the kids can play with each other?

I agree about men, could kill mine at the moment


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typical guy hope all works out ok for you :D


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Get to that interview and show your hubby that you can do it. We all have money issues at the moment and if you are prepared to sacrifise time at home with your child to make finances a bit better then he'll have to do his share of the childcare.
And yes mine also makes arrangements to work extra, go fishing etc and never bothers to check if the kids need watching, just assumes that i'll either be in or organise it for him. His fave saying (whether its take the rubbish out, service the car, childcare) "i was gonna do it". yeah right.

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