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O/T Argh, feeling really lonley.

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Really needing to vent.

I feel like i havnt seen my OH properly in ages. . I hate his job, he works as an alarm engineer and never works locally, so stays away alot, and then occasionally has to go abroad for a week or so..

last week he stayed away one night and then worked from god knows what time in the morning till late the rest of the week, went camping with friends on the weekend and then has bin working away since monday. :-| I am soo fed up!

were going to altontowers this weekend, but as a family so we are sharing room with others, and will have not time alone, then back to work again on tuesday.

I feel so selfish complaining as i know he has no choice and that he is lucky to have a fairley secured and well paid job at this moment in time. We need the money so we can move out but argh :( Why cant i have both?! i just want some time with him... im finding it difficult because were constantly missing out on events and as a result people have stopped inviting us to things, so now im spending most of my time at home, seeing my bestfriend on wednesday nights, and going to the gym.

im really feeling quite lonley, and tbh.. knowing that this weekend at AT could really throw me off whether i plan well or not is really making me quite discorouged.

Its making me a moody cow, and im trying really hard not to be selfish and take it out on him, its not his fault and he doesnt wanna be working away either..

but argh :(:cry::cry:

Sorry, just needed to vent! i just get told off when i moan to mum cause she says i should be more grateful that he's working so hard for me. Somtimes i'd just rather have him home than money you know.

:( Xxxx
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Yeah, sometimes it's more about having someone hold you close and sharing your day than money. And you have every right to vent and moan - that's what we're all here for. I could give you a long list of reasons why it could be a good thing you OH being away so much - cooking for yourselves, being free to do the things you want to do, no other temptations, etc - but what you really need are these: :hug99: :hug99:
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Its true :( Im really missing him and don'ty really feel like anyone here understands! i just really wish we could spend some time together and have our social life back. stupid work :( :cry: x
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We'v discussed before, but is difficult without getting heated as he is frustrated from working so much also, i think he feels i dont understand because i dont work as much as him, and he doesnt understand me cause thats all he's ever done and doesnt understand im on my own alot!

Iv decided to avoid bingeing.. im hitting the gym at half 8 with another girl who goes reguarly.. take my frustration out on the machines!

Thank you for listening :) i really do appriciate it so much! i feel like im being so unreasonable!

but im just worried.. whats the point in working so hard to get our own place, if by the time were there we have no relationship at all??

maybe he'l feel my frustration and whisk me off to paris :) LOL if only! *sending vibes* LOL

I dont think it helps that a girl i train with has just announced shed pregnant and moving into a new house with her bf. Not that i want kids, im just jelous cause she see's him enough to get preggers haha

silly loved up people rubbing it in my face! x


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That's what these boards are for! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time Huney.I'll ask my Angels to help.
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Hey girlies, just to let you know im much better today :) must be all your support and those angels!.. i went to the gym instead of comfort eating and was proud of myself as i pushed myself a little further than last time :D

he's coming home today and doesnt have to work, so he's picking me up after i finish college.. and taking me out :D Yay!! NO paris.. but its okay haha

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That's the sprirt...think positive! xxx


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Hi fern! Glad to hear you are feeling better today, i know exactly how you feel as my partner works away from home & only gets a long weekend (fri -tues) once every 4 weeks. We have 3 kids at home too, i guess i'm used to it now as hes been working away for just over 2 years now but theres no alternative as i don't ever think he will get a good job here. xx

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