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O/T Can anyone recommend a toning cream?

I am desperate to tone up the wobbly stretched skin on my tummy, can anyone recommend a good toning cream that won't skint me? I have tried bio oil, (hate it - cant stand greasy skin!) & Palmers cocoa butter, the really thick stuff (ditto!!). There must be something out there...!
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Was going to say Palmer's Cocoa Butter lol ( the pregnancy and weight loss one)Love the stuff :)

Mrs V

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To be honest none of them really work, yes, they can make stretch marks fade, but they will still be there and only regular massage can really only shift lumps and bumps.
The one that I am using at the moment (and take into consideration Im allergic to most things! Lol) is the Johnson's night cream for babies and toddlers (its in a lilac tub). Not only does it smell wonderful, its relaxing and soaks in well, its also cheaper than buying one of the other products that mention cellulite or toning etc.
You cant do no wrong with swimming either...breast stroke will tone tummy, and bingo wings hun.
I completely agree with Mrs V, anything is better than nothing and it's not necessarily the "toning" or "anti cellulite" ones which are the best. I think it's the action of massaging any cream into the skin which has a good effect.
I've always used body lotion of some description after a shower, always on my legs, arms and bum and I am lucky enough not to have a lot of cellulite. I'm not sure if it's the cream or what but anyway....
When I was pregnant I used rich moisturing cream on my tummy and didn't get any stretch marks - again I don't know if it was the cream or luck!
I guess what I'm trying to say is use a cream you like and massage it into your skin in circular movements and it will do some good.
Exercise is also key though, even cream can't do what some sit ups can achieve!


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I agree with the above - it's the process and not the product that help tone.

I will say that for helping with skin condition and fading of marks, bio oil is a FAB product. I have some scarring on the top of my arm which is significantly less noticable (i.e. I can wear strappy tops without too much worry) since using it. I've been using it for a long time mind you, applying it fairly regularly. It says it's good for red stretchmarks too, and I use it if I burn myself (often) to stop scars. But that's the only product that really seems to work for skin condition.

So, save £££s on the pricey 'anti cellulite' creams and just get a nice generic one and massage it in well - you'll get the same results.



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i had a really expensive clarins one and it was cr"p the best thing for stretch marks is bio oil and time hon your skin will heal itself eventually just look after it takre vitamin c and eat well plenty of water and your body does the rest, bio oil is the only product that seems to have much impact due to the purecellin (not sure if thats correct spelling) and its full of vitamin e too from what i recall.

Swimming is your best option, the creams and potions really arn't what they are cracked up to be. You need to put the muscle on to draw in the sag and then the excersice with put the elastic back in the tissue eventually but this takes time and sometimes the only option is some cases is the excess removed...Argh..!!! but this is drastic measures. I bet if you get in the pool or down the gym.. or even in your front roon ( dont forget to close the curtains... heheheheh!!) you will see a difference quite quickly.

Phil x


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I find Superdrugs Vit E cream as good as anything (if they still do it cos I got 4 big tubs for £6 a LONG while ago!) I also like the face oil. Cheap as chips!

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