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O/T Can I just be a proud Mum for a minute please?


maintaining since June'09
well done to your son....and his wife. i do hope she not the one in the diving suit, with flippers and snorkle!! lol good for them for doing it, not sure i could...maybe make it next years mission.


Here we go again!
Good for your son and daughter in law Jan. You should be proud, I think anyone that can finish that marathon is fantastic.


Slowly but surely!
wow that great Jan you should be proud, dont think ill ever be able to finish something like that let alone get a great time hehe


maintaining since June'09
Thanks all! Still no sign of DIL, tho' I know she passed 30k about 1hr 10 mins ago but hasn't shown up at 35k yet (gulp!) ... she might be walking - and nothing wrong with that!


Here we go again!
This is one "race" that it doesn't matter where you finish or what time you do, it's all about raising the money for charity isn't it? I think all the runners are wonderful, they all deserve much more than their medals!


maintaining since June'09
I quite agree!!

I'll be happier when I know she's okay - I don't care how long she takes :) xxx


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You must be very proud of them both! It doesn't matter how long it takes her, she'll get there :)


maintaining since June'09


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Well done to both of them :clap: Brill timing for Jeff!

' I know she passed 30k about 1hr 10 mins ago but hasn't shown up at 35k yet (gulp!) ..
LOL. What's along that route? Any good shops, cafes, internet hotspots, pubs? :D


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Oooh you're well within your rights to be a proud mummy for that.. a massive well done to him..!! hope you hear about DIL soon!
x x


maintaining since June'09
Thanks all! HaHa love the comments about the shops etc :) .....

She came in at 6.08.38 .... I sent her a text and she replied that she was sitting on a pavement on her own because she couldn't move to go and find Jeff!!! God love her! She's got a 2yr&4mnths old and a 10month old so was knackered before she started!!!

They're both stars in my book!!! xxx

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:eek::woohoo:thats amazing jan no wonder your on here being the proud mum x
Congratulations to them both - a big pat on the back - and to you- proud mummy! xx
A big well done to your son and his wife. You must be soooooo proud. xx

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