O/T - Come Dine With Me


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Have you ever seen a more mad group of people. Id have throttled Valerie by now


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I thought this episode was hilarious, talk about Hyacinth Bucket. That Dawn really thought the sun shone from her backside with her Lotus and hot tub, what a laugh ;)


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Can you imagine going to a dinner party and having to cook the food because the host went to bed??????

They must be the whackiest contestants yet, it's hilarious :8855:

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Loved this weeks thought they were getting a bit tame, can you imagine them turning up at your door saying they were coming for dinner. I would sue channel 4!!lol


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Absolutely hilarious!!!

Can't wait till tomorrow!! LOL

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Its well good this week. I thought Valerie had her jaw wired as her mouth doesn't open when she talks. What a lazy mare tonight. she must have been drunk.


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That's what I couldn't understand! She quite obviously WAS drunk as she was the night before when she slipped off home so why wasn't it mentioned? No-one at the party or that FAB commentator mentioned it - just saying she was tired .....

Brilliant viewing though, it'll be a shame when it finishes.


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Just watched todays with Dawn :eek: What's the woman on?????!!!!!!????

Did enjoy watching celebrity come dine with me (last week) with Lesley Joseph..who I don't usually like too much.:eek:

Haven't laughed so much in a long time. Was hilarious.:8855:


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I know! It was good ..... could have punched Paul Ross though - Sooooooo critical!! You can't be that critical unless you can do better - which he clearly couldn't!


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I agree Dawn must be 'on something' you dont see her knocking them back so does seem strange, has been really good though, thought bernard was gonna kick off more,well lets hope so tomorrow


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I wonder whether they had to edit it to take out any reference to having a tipple or two because it has aired before she appears in court for drink driving?


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That's a thought Sue - makes sense! Looking forward to seeing the final part. My money's on Nigel :)


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I'm so glad this thread is here. I thought I was going mad when everyone kept saying Dawn was "tired"?!! She was wrecked!!

And those teeth! lol.

I'm completely addicted to CDWM and Masterchef.


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Come dine with me is ace there should be more programmes were strangers get drunk togethewr and then have to criticise one another whoever did the formatting is a god damn genious sunday on more four is a come dine with me marathon i watch it with a hangover every week lol.


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ooo i didnt see this one, my dad was nearly on come dine with me but they picked someone else instead, they had people in the house interviewing him and he had to cook for them and everything


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I love this programme as well, thought Bernard was acting like a spoilt child from day one....the only one I would have time for is nigel I thought he was great....I live in the area but dont know any of the personally but cannot believe what a mottley bunch they picked lol...never seen the scores so low ever!....xx