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O/T Disneyland Paris


Restart 3/9/2013
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Hey everyone - as the title says, completely off topic!

Anyway, I have a few days holiday left over for this year to take before March, and was thinking about maybe taking my daughter to Disneyland Paris for a few days!

Planning to go in January - have discovered that Disneyland Paris dont penalise you massively for being a single parent, which is quite impressive really - some companies charge you a fortune! Anyway found a deal that means me and my girl can go for 4 nights/5days for £300 inc meals, eurostar, entrance tickets etc - Which I thought was a total bargain!!!

Have never been to Disneyland Paris before, but my daughter is completely and utterly Disney mad - loves Winnie the Pooh and friends and Mickey Mouse etc, so I know she is going to love it.

My question is - Is there going to be enough there to entertain an 18 month old? I know she wont be able to go on all the big rides, but TBH that doesnt really interest me anyway! What I mean is, is she going to be able to do anything? Sorry if that sounds silly, but I am guessing there must be some rides she can go on (It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean?)????

Have ordered brochures etc and getting all excited - even though I can't afford to book it just yet!

Just after the fiasco that was our summer holiday in france where it rained the whole time, I want to go somewhere where I know we will both have a fab time!

Sorry that became rather a long message lol
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I have been in January and parts of it was closed, so might want to check that its all open (cos this was years ago).

Is that price booking direct with them? I looked at taking my DD and it was really expensive. Also wanted to take her to lapland at Christmas but that is mega expensive!


Restart 3/9/2013
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Worked out the cheapest way of doing it is to book the accomodation with them directly, then book the eurostar direct through eurostar! think it worked out something like £214 for the hotel and £80 for the return train!

Should add this is part of my weight loss incentive (I have decided) - Want to be less than 15stone by the time I go (19st 12 right now!)
We went last September for 5 days, our little one was 2 and a half then, we all loved it!! So much so that we go back on the 21st September this year!

Last year we went on Eurostar from Waterloo which was fab, straight to the door of eurodisney and if you stay in a disney hotel they even take your luggage to your hotel for you.

We stayed in The Travel Explorers hotel last year which is not an actual disney hotel although it is on the site and they provide a shuttle bus etc, really nice place.

This year as we now have a four month old as well we are driving over (driving seemed like a good idea at the time!!!) and staying in an actual disney place (Davy Crocket Ranch - self catering).

Can't wait, loads for even the little ones to see and do.

My only word of warning would be that the selection of food is rubbish and is quite shockingly expensive.

Hope this helps


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I've been to Disneyland, I LOOOOVED it. It has stuff for younger kids but the majority is like.. thrill rides and stuff, as far as I remember.

They do have a parade, and some other things nice for kids. I'm sure you can find stuff on their website ? :)
We went to Disneyland Paris when my daughter was 15 months old and then again when she was nearly 2. Both times she really enjoyed it. I have an older son and the first time we really went for him - I thought my daughter would be too young to do much. But there were lots of things she could go on and she really enjoyed seeing the characters. We went to a couple of character meals as this seemed to be the best way to see them - it was a bit of a scrum trying to see them in the parks.


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We've been twice now - both times in January - and we're going again on 4th Jan :)

First time we stayed at the Santa Fe and it was fab - really relaxed and totally child friendly.

Last time we decided to stay at the Cheyenne as the OH fancied the 'cowboy hotel' lol. And we liked it even better than the Santa Fe. So we're going back there again in Jan for 11 days.

Ok - rides for you and your DD...

It's a small world
Horse and carriage rides up Main Street
The police van ride up Main Street
Pirates of the carribean (hold on to her tight on the 2 big drops! lol)
Alice's curious labyrinth
Snow white and the seven dwarves
Lancelot's carousel
Dumbo the flying elephant
Mad hatter's giant teacups
Le Pays des Contes de Fées (a storybook canal ride - lovely!)
Casey Jr - the circus train - takes you around big thunder mountain
Adventure isle - explore the caves, waterfalls and rope bridges
Swiss family robinson treehouse - a LONG way up (i ended up crying and coming down on my own! lol :eek: )
Videopolis - a huge restaurant with a big centre stage which has a constant live show on - when we went it was the lion king - fab!
Disneyland train - takes you all round the park and you get a great view of everything!
Legends of the wild west - a giant fort that you and dd can wander round at the entrance of frontierland
Shooting gallery
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing - a big ferry/boat which sails round the lake by phantom manor
Phantom manor - might be a little scary, but we took my ds on it when he was both 15 months, and just over 2 :)
Nautilus submarine - just a pleasant walk through a submarine

Don't forget things like going upstairs in the castle to find the balconies and turrets etc, and go underneath the castle into the dragon's lair. Also take a wander through alladin's passage - quite a cute way to spend 5 mins :)

You also have the parade at 4pm which is totally magical! I would go just for the parde - it's that lovely :) And at 1pm (i think - don't quote me!) there's a parade at the studios. Not as magical as the main parade but still worth a look!

There's also some rides in the studios - the only one i can think of is Disney Cars - my DS was obsessed with this! lol :D

And you've also got the cinemagique - 100% worth a watch.

Animagique - again, 100% worth it!

The animation studios are brill too!

I don't think you'll be short of anything to do! There's SO much that's catered for little ones there :)

Have a lovely time, and we might bump into each other! lol

(we're going on ashford eurostar, and staying at the cheyenne ;) )


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Oppps! i forgot 'honey i shrunk the audience'!! That's a must-do for us! :D
Well I have no kids and I've been twice - VERY good!

First time was with the family when I was about 15 or 16 (baby brother must have been 12 or 13) and again with my best mate when we were 22.

Love it - first time we went just before Christmas and it was so magical. It even snowed!

Second time we were out being glamerous every evening and playing so hard during the day, and Chris bought me a pair of Tigger Ears!

I'm such a child! I'd love to go back there thin though, I'd be so much less scared of the rides (not the rides themselves - more falling out of them or breaking them)
when i was a single parent i went with my 6 yr old and 6 yr old nephew in january. it was cold but dry and we had a fab time travelling by eurostar and staying in the cheyenne.

hope you have a great time


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We've been twice now - both times in January - and we're going again on 4th Jan :)

(we're going on ashford eurostar, and staying at the cheyenne ;) )
We are going out on 4th Jan too so will be on the same train! there is only one a day at that time of year it seems!


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lol i left a message for you in the holiday forum! :D


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We went last September for 4 nights/5 days and loved it. So much so that this Christmas we're heading to Florida!!
I strongly recommend that you buy 'The Brit Guide to Disneyland Resort Paris'. You can get it on Amazon. It covers absolutely everything, and I found it invaluable, as have 4 of my friends who have borrowed it since!!
You'll love it so much, just a couple of pointers from me...
1) Book a character meal. We did ours on our last night and I so wish we'd done it for the first night!
2) Some of the characters don't have 'organised queues' which led to a LOT of pushing and shoving (surprisingly mostly by ADULTS!) Hence why we wished that we had done the character meal right away, would have saved a huge scrummage some times.
3) Fill up on the buffet breakfasts, and then take some snacky type foods for lunch. We found food fairly expensive. Also take fruit as it was very hard to come by lol!

Lastly, just enjoy it, do things at your pace, don't dash about trying to fit everything in, or you'll come home more in need of a break than ever!

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