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O/T dying my hair bright red *PICS ADDED NOW*

oooommmmmmggggggggg :eek: i'm dying my hair tonight..... BRIGHT RED! :eek:

how stupid am i?!?! i HATE being noticed and try to do everything i can to 'blend in'.... and now i'm doing this?!?!?! :rolleyes: :rotflmao:

just thought it might get me out of the rut i'm in and cheer me up a bit... if i hate it then i'll just dye it back to brown again ;)

i'll post some before and after pics later tonight once it's done! :D xx
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thanks! :D i've also *just about* learnt how to do heeeeuge bouncy curls using a straightener! i tried it yesterday and it really suits me so i'm not going to bother getting my hair cut for the wedding i'm going to in a couple of weeks - i'm just going to have a bright red curly bonce instead :eek: :D lol
I was "Red" for 10 years (mine was more rich than bright though) and loved it and I hate standing out but funnily enough I am more confident with Red Hair!.
Its just the maintanace that puts me off continuing to be red.

Cant wait for pictures. xxxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh EXCELLENT! I did it once! It was the most fun I've had for £1.98! No one told me as I was blonde it wouldn't wash out! So 6 weeks later I had blonde roots! I put an apricot shade on it till it grew out. Now I have a streaking kit in a drawer somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it Beki! You have lovely hair it'll look fab!
Check the box hun that you dont need a prelightener before for good results. I remember my blue hair did when i died it for charity a few years back, then i tried red for a change last year and forgot so i had red splodges and blonde splodges.
oh dear! lol.. no it's fine.. i have to check every hair dye i use as my hair's so dark naturally :( but this one's specifically for light to dark brown hair :D
looking forward to the piccys x
This is the one that I use and it is VERY vibrant and absolutely fab. It will look lovely on you

Piccies asap please

piccies uploading :D

it's not turned out as well as i'd liked... it's more of a dark browny red (my hair never takes colour well unfortunately) :(

might actually do it again tomorrow lol :whistle:

i've also styled my hair how i'm going to have it for the wedding in a couple of weeks... let me know what you think! (i'll also add it to the wedding/clothes thread to keep it all together :D

pics coming up....
right, here they are :eek: they've come out looking like my hair's much redder than it actually is... then i realised i had the camera set on 'beach scene' LOL... but it's not that red in real life... anyway... here you go! (excuse the no make-up and fat arms please :eek: ) xx


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