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O/T Eastenders!!

I missed tonight's episode but got the idea of what was going to happen from last nights episode.

I deal and see people who are sectioned every day, its a really sad site :(
I know it's 'only' a soap but wow, she did that justice (I hope, never having had bi-polar). It certainly made me sit up and think about mental health a little bit more.

Just wish they'd have done a bit more with Jim having had his stroke (in real life) and pushing that message - having been there I think they could have picked that up and run with it more - but that's not the issue here. She did good.

Wacky Jacky

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I feel Stacey has been acting this part really well for weeks now .......... she must have carried out a lot of research for the role!

Mental illness is something we don't normally talk about and perhaps it's because we all don't fully understand. It's something people can be "ashamed" of ............ but we wouldn't be ashamed of breaking our leg!

Unfortuneately I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder about 3 years ago, and although (thankfully) I was never sectioned, and didn't go through exactly the same thing as Stacey (well not quite in the same way) I can relate to a lot of things in the story-line, and the way she has been trying to handle things! Everyone's "story" can be so different but "similar" at the same time! I don't want to harp on but .........

Well done Eastenders! Well done Stacey (and Jean too)!
she was amaaazing - and also the woman who plays jean should get an award!

i was really choked up by the end... especially when bradley was driving away and stacey was so upset :(
She has to win an award! The actress is only 21 and she is fab! Think how exhausted the whole cast must be after filling that - emotion overload or what!!!

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