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O/T - Fake tan moisturiser


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Hi all!

I have quite pale skin and as i am going on holiday in a couple of weeks would like to get some colour.

I don't want to use a fake tan as such but would like to use one of the gradual ones. I have heard that the make belive one is quite good but it's expensive and if anyone can recomend a cheaper one instead i'd be gratefull.

Also does anyone have any tips for applying?! I'm a real fake tan virgin!
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I have pale skin and find the Avon tinted moisturiser to be good - and fairly cheap. Slap on loads of normal moisturiser first and allow to soak in (especially around joints such as knees and ankles) before using the tinted one.


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ive got pale skin and think that Johnson's holiday skin is brilliant, make ure if u get it, to get the one for fair - medium skin type! i just apply it wen ive had a bath and it doent go streaky!! just slap it on! x
I sometimes use the Dove one - smells better, doesn't streak and has two shades so you have one for lighter skin too.


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I have never seen a successfully applied home fake tan!!

They invariably look streaky - overdone around the knees and elbows and/or underdone at the backs of the knees. The orange hands are another minus - I know wearing gloves is advised but they serve only to clump the cream and make it even more diffcult to apply evenly.

My husband prides himself on his ability to spot fake tans - and I must say he is good ......... must be years of practice!! ;)

Can you afford to have one done professionally? - if you can at all, I think you should!!

Best of luck whatever you decide and have a great holiday.
Dove is really good, but Johnsons went a really fake colour on me and had a foul smell.

Whichever one you use though make sure you exfoliate before hand, and leave it at least a dau after shaving your legs!. Also moisturise a but before you apply it but REALLY moisturise your knees and ankles as that's where it can go quite orange if you aren't careful.


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I've had a bottle of johnsons tanning moisturiser in the house for a week or two but finally tried it out last night.
Its a night time one and should notice results in only a few days. I dont know if i put too much on but i can see a difference this morning. Only worry is that i will end up with the orangey bits at my knees and ankles so i'll have to be careful applying over next few days.
I've only done my legs but i have to say that my skin feels nice and soft and does have a lovely glow.


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I'm a bit nervous and don't know which one to try!! I'm swaying towards the garnier summer body one.....

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