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O/T Feel like a charity case now

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At work me and another girl are dieting, I am now at her starting weight and she is at her target. She said that she was going to get rid of a load of clothes as they are too big for her. I said that she could pass them onto me if she wanted as I need new clothes too (both of us said we couldnt really afford to buy new clothes). She looked at me really oddly a bit like i was a charity case as couldnt afford to buy new clothes. Anyway she has bought a bag full in today for me and now everyone is being weird with me for having hand me downs. I dont see anything wrong with it but now I feel like a bit of tramp (I know thats a strange thing to say) and really sad!

Sorry for rant, but everyone is looking down their noses at me! :cry:
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Oh hun :hug99: well done for your weight loss first of all.

Second, are you sure everyone is looking down their noses at you, sometimes if you are feeling low it can seem as though everyone is against you, but they're not. I don't mean to trivialise anything, and if they are looking down their noses at you, well, that says more about them than anything.

Where I used to work clothes swapping went on all the time and it wasn't a problem, and I will bet you look fantastic in the new clothes, don't let them get to you. If they are looking down their noses at you they aren't worth the worry hold your head high.

As for the girl who is now at target, when you say she looked at you oddly - perhaps she was just surprised by the request. She did bring stuff in for you, and I have to agree with you that I don't see anything wrong with clothes swapping at all. In fact to my mind it makes perfect sense, why waste money on clothes when you don't need to.

Hope that makes some kind sense.

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AW, mate. I am so sorry you feel like that.

Are you absolutely sure people are looking at you like that, or could it maybe that you feel a bit oversensitive?

Regardless, your actions are perfectly normal. People do this all the time and it is nothing to do with how much money you have- it is fun to swap clothes with friends. Pay her a lovely compliment about how it was a suppotive thing to do and how she always looks nice and I bet you will see she is not thinking bad thoughts!!!!

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No, they weren't looking down their noses, probably wishing someone would give them a bag of free clothes!! x
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Lol - Don't mind them, they just wish they were losing weight too! In my circle of friends, 4 of us are on SW - I can't wait to get my hands on some of their hand me downs!! We have decided to have a little get together before Christmas and see what we can pass around!

I wouldn't worry about it - seriously :)

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I reckon that most of these people aren't thinking of you as a "charity case" at all - perhaps it might have been better if your colleague had been a bit more discreet about giving you the clothes, but it's a great idea to swap clothes, re-cycling is the in thing nowadays! I think you're being really modern, trendy even! Maybe it's just that you're not used to this situation?

Since losing weight, I've LOVED getting clothes that my 4 daughters have given me a loan of, then have said that I could keep them because they look good on me! I've also taken a lot of my bigger clothes to my SW group and they were all "taken" very quickly! No-one there thought of it as "charity" - I have taken some things to the charity shops right enough, but I look at is as "re-cycling" - I've bought some things from the charity shops too - AND there's e-bay too!

I'd make sure your friend who gave you the clothes knows how much you appreciate the clothes - maybe you could take her out to lunch one day or even take her round the shops and buy her a new top or something? That way it wouldn't feel like you're taking something for nothing, and who knows, you might get more clothes as you slim down even further!

It's up to you to make the most of this situation so all the best o'luck'n'stuff with this situation and the rest of your weightloss!
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Aw thanks guys maybe I am being over sensitive, I can be a bit paranoid sometimes! Anyhoo, your all right I have bag of lovely free new clothes (new to me anyway), which I will enjoy routing through tonight. I wouldnt think badly of her if she asked me for my hand me downs.

Yay! I get to have a clear out tonight of my clothes which are too big and hopefully someone on here will get my hand me downs!

Stuff what some people think, clothes swapping is ace!

Thanks again everyone x


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Maybe she look at you funny because she was reluctant to give them away because she still felt she had to keep them!

I know this sounds strange but i go to SW with a friend who is now coming up to the point where i started and i was telling her about a lovely wollen coat i had in my wardrobe that i had tried on and was ridiculously big so she said oh if you dont want it i will have it, so i said oh i will bring it in for you. Now its not that i didnt want her to have the coat it was the fact that i loved that coat and i couldnt believe that i had only worn it a few times and i couldnt quite believe i wouldn't be able to wear it! :eek: I took it into work for her the other day and she was so grateful to me that made me think do you knnow what as much as i liked that coat i would never be able to wear it and i need to get my head round the fact im alot smaller!

So the long and the short of it is she might have felt quite attached to the clothes and as for the other well i just think they are jealous becaused they didnt get a look in!! :p


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I have a few pars of jeans which have been 'handed down' to me by another slimmer who has lost about 2 stones more than me. Some of the stuff I can't get into yet but other stuff fits me just fine.
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I am always swapping things with my friend who is a bit smaller than me now I am reducing in size I fit more of her things - She says are you coming over this week, I am going to do the spare room wardrobes I am there like a shot! I sit on the bed like lady much and she pulls out the things and I say yes no or charity shop! we have a great time,
Dont let people get to you like everyone else has said they are probably jealous everyone likes something for nothing!!
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I agree with all the previous posts and to be honest i am here a little envious of you getting a bag full of clothes :banghead:. I think she was maybe suprised that you offered to take them from her in the first place and at the same time it will make her weight loss final if you see what i mean.

Have a fab sort out of the stuff you dont need anymore an through the stuff she gave you and have fun, some of us poor souls still have to search through ebay lol
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well I shall post all my old clothes on here for you all to have a look through. Thanks for all your posts ladies, feeling better now and very much looking forward to routing through the bag tonight! x
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yer we have the clothes swapping thread on here cos clothes are expensive and it seems silly for people not to get use out of things that are no longer needed by someone else xxx

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