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O/T Flies......


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yep - get the sticky fly strips :D apparently they're banned (not sure why, just a rumour i heard), but we still get them at the farm feeds place!


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Oh great idea, I have these in the greenhouse, no idea why I didn't bring one in here - although they look gross full of flies......urgh!


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get one of them tassle things that hang from the door frame (you can get them in the cheap shops) just strips of palstic type stuff or ones with beads and ones with pretty pictures onthem
if you can make sense of that lol


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Last year I had terrible flies... for no good reason. They were everywhere. I had bought a couple venus fly traps to put up by the pond but in the day that they were sitting in my kitchen, they'd snapped up a whole bunch of flies. It was amazing. They're still in my kitchen this year... with new "traps" and catching whatever flies are foolish enough to get too close! :D


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I have a bead curtain at the back door so only get a few flys indoors but have bought one of them electric tennis rackets and get to swat them,two jobs at once ,excercise and stress reliever
Yes I have one of the bats too. I got it on ebay and its called the Exterminator. Its shaped like a racket and you touch the button and you can get the wee ******* even in flight. It is the best thing I have ever bought. It works on spiders, flies, wasps... you name it. Just keep it up high away from kids, it will give them a good old bolt. ! ! !


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We can get the sticky fly papers in our village shop too, they look unsightly but my goodness they work so well, the flies don't stand a chance....
I have to wear bright orange overalls for my job, saturday and sudnay I got attacked by hundreds of little black flies thinking i was a lovely smelling flower!


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I am loving the sound of the exterminator. I think i may have to have a little look at those and purchase one........................sounds like FUN!!!
LOL....Sarah-Jayne you had me chuckling and imagining all the flies dive-bombing you in your orange overall.
Seriously hun, it wasnt fun lol. Everytime I thought I got rid of the little blighters, they can back with vengance! I thought I would be a 'smart ass' and tie half the overalls around my waist so they would just attack my trousers but i forgot i was wearing a yellow vest top underneath and they attacked that too, so then i put the overalls back on and was itching the rest of the way because i had trapped some little sods in!

coooor.... epic post there ;)

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