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O/T - Flowers

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Awww thats really sweet of him!
Im at the stage that if my Hubby buys me flowers, I know that he has done something wrong! Lol


Slow but sure....
Oh, that was sweet of him to think of you with flowers.

My hubby always buys me Lilies (when he buys flowers!!) the big Stargazer Lilies are my favourites, the scent of them are so lovely.

Enjoy them and your wonderful fiance. X
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Make the most of it! The supply dries up after you get married! But miraculously turns into wine! How romantic of him!
Ha, ha Judimac - i fear you may be right ;)

Had to cut the stamens off the open lillies because my cats wont stop sniffing them and rubbing themselves against them. They have orange stains all over themselves!


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oooh yes be careful, lillies can e poisonous to cats...Love lillies though, they are my favourite flower
I was going to say that. The pollen can kill a cat very quickly so they shouldnt be allowed to lick pollen off thenselves. If they seem at all unwell I would suggest a vet visit.
Toxic to Cats the info is halfway down the page.
Sorry to worry you.

Its lovely of your OH to send flowers
Thanks for the advice Lentil2 and Tab, luckily, they havent licked it, one of them has stained their nose having a sniff and the other one has a stain on her side because her fur is white.

I've wiped them both with some pets at home cat cleansing wipes so they are all clean now and pollen free!

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