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O/T : Flu Jab

Apparently I'm now 'entitled' to a flu jab (due to some bizarre kidney thing I have) and I'm booked in for a week on Thursday.

I've heard that the side effects from this aren't particularly pleasant ....... anyone had it done and care to share their experience??

Also, been told I can have swine flu jab too ....... anyone had that yet?

Thanks, Jo x
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Hi there I had my swine flu last week. I stood with around 200 pensioners in a queue at the doctors! When I went in it didnt hurt at all (and I hate injections.) It ached for a few days after when I lifted my arm but thats it. I would rather have achey arm than piggy flu x
Oh right, crackin'! A bit like tetanus jab then? (Only that hurts at the time too! .... or at least mine did! lol)

Recently sliced my thumb open and had to have stitches ...... the blooming tetanus hurt more than the stitching! lol

Have you had the 'normal' flu jab too? Do you get flu-like symptoms following that one?

Thanks, Jo x


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No you don't get flu symptoms - that's an old wives tale. The virus they use to give you immunity isn't live so no symptoms. My arm ached a bit because it was the first flu jab I've not but not that much and it didn't last long.

As you say if you're in the priority group for seasonal flu vaccinations then you are also eligible for swine flu vaccination and it is important to have both of them. The swine flu jab doesn't give you immunity to normal flu and vice versa. :)


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I've had a swine flu and a seasonable flu jab recently, and all I had was two sore arms and I felt very tired and lethargic, and I have to have another swine flu jab next week, so I hope I feel the same with that one.

Good luck with your jab Fern. X
I was invited for both flu and swine flu jabs and refused them both.
I can't remember when I last had "proper" flu (not just a sniffle) so decided I'd rather not have the jab. As for swine flu, my personal opinion is that they don't seem to have had much time to research this vaccine so I'm a bit against it. I know they wouldn't release it if it wasn't okay but I still don't feel I need it and I sure as heck don't need to feel rubbish and lethargic (well any more than I normally do!)
Jaylou, I'm dithering a bit about the swine flu jab tbh because of the same reasons you say ..... however, I'm all for the seasonal flu jab.

I've had a couple of bad bouts of flu the last two years and have ended up with labyrinthitis afterwards as a kind of 'follow on' both times ....... and it's just nasty! lol

Will deffo speak to the nurse about it all next week.

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I had the seasonal flu jab a few weeks ago with no ill effects.
i haven't been offered the swine flu jab, but I would have it if I am offered it.
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I had both the normal flu jab and swine flu! i was fine after both just a really sore arm but it was fine about 4 days later!! hope this helps xx
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I've had a swine flu and a seasonable flu jab recently, and all I had was two sore arms and I felt very tired and lethargic, and I have to have another swine flu jab next week, so I hope I feel the same with that one.

Good luck with your jab Fern. X

did we get confused as to who posted this thread? lol

I had the seasonal flu jab a while back, with absolutely no ill effects whatsoever - have had it for several years now, with no problems at all.

Haven't been offered the swine flu one - yet...
I am on the high risk list because I had heart problems ten years ago and have had two angioplasties. So I get the seasonal flu jab every year. Slightly sore arm for a couple of days, then that's it.

I had the swine flu jab this year. It hurt a little bit when injected but not a problem. My arm was more uncomfortable than with the seasonal flu one, and the discomfort lasted a bit longer.

I had the swine flu jab on a Friday, on Saturday I was at the gym doing a modified routine (but I did manage pressups!), and by the time I got to my tai chi class on the following Tuesday I had no problems at all lifting my arm.

No other side effects at all.

(A couple of years ago I had the pneumonia jab. Now that really did knock me out for a couple of days. Worth it though, and it lasts for ever so you don't have to keep repeating it.)
Old wives tale? I wish!!!

I had the swine flu jab last tuesday and am just starting to feel human

Tired - exhausted all wanted to do was sleep
Extremely sore throat (bordering on tonsillitis in intensity)
High temp
Blocked nostril (just the one not both)
Sore skin (even hair hurt)
Arm at injection point very very sore

My mum and Auntie were fine though - I was obviously just unlucky so don't let my experience put you off - I would still have it again coz if that was the mild version................

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