O/T going to visit best mate who tried to commit suicide

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  1. :cry:
    Got some awful news about my best friend who under pressure decided she just couldn't go on anymore and took a few packs of paracetamol. She has had a really bad time over the last few years. I can't really go into why and what as she post used to post on forums like this.
    She is home now and totally relievd that she decided to phone someone to say what she'd done and get to hospital.
    Anyway, I'm totally dumb struck as what to say when I go and see her later today. So just after some advice really.
    MM x
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  3. kazz

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    I dont think you need to say anything, just once she knows your there that wil be the important thing, Listen to wat she has to say & then go with the flow....there is no easy way to deal with something like this
  4. Bluepaws

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    Definately! Just be there for her. If she wants to talk about it she will, be a shoulder to cry on if she needs it or just a listening ear. Your friendship is all she needs right now x
  5. Isobel1965

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    Yes - I agree - just listen and let her talk.

    Bless you both!

  6. flirty40greeneyes

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    Sorry to hear about your friend MM. Agree with the others - let her dictate how/what is said. Hopefully she'll realise how precious and loved she is by all her friends.

  7. Dom1979

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    I agree with the others. You going along to see her will be worth more than you can ever realise. Even if all you do is hold her hand and let her talk. Even if all you do is sit there and say nothing at all. You are doing a lot more than most of the people she knows will be doing, and don't underestimate how much this will mean to her.

    Good luck. Thinking of you.
  8. Karen

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    ive been in this situation and can honestly say...the less u say can sometimes be better! be close and make sure she knows u arent there to judge what she has done. i would definately not ask her why she done it or say what a stupid thing it was to do. shes obviously reaching out and needs something and just knowing u r there should be enough.

    im not trying to say u would judge her....im just saying ...its easy to say "u didnt need to do that" or whatever. my friend didnt even wanna talk about what she'd done, when she opened up it was tonly to talk about what drove her to do it, without ever mentioning the attempt.

    im sure u r a lovely friend to her otherwise she wouldnt want u close when she is so raw so try not to panic. i hope she starts feeling better soon. xxxxxx
  9. Thank you everyone for all your advice.:thankyou:
    Went round to see my friend who I have to say looked pretty good considering what she's been through. She asked me if I'd told anyone esle about what had happened as many of our friends don't know and as far as I'm concerned never will not from me anyway. So I confessed I'd posted on here for advice, so no doubt she'll be lurking and seeing what fab advice you all gave me.
    Thanks again.
    M x
  10. That's_So_Fetch

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    I'm glad things went well with your friend. She went through a terrible expereince and your support was what she needed.

    I myself have nearly been in a similar situation and all i wanted was a friend who i could just hold onto really tight so i still feel apart of this world and who i could cry my eyes out too, lol. I never tell any of my friends about it though and just try to sleep it off.

    But you seem like a wonderful person and someone who is very strong to support your friend after her ordeal. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you poseted for advice. You haven't named names and alot of the time this kind of situation is a delicate matter and you cant be sure how to approach it.

    I hope your friend is ok now and she recovers well.

    xx :) *hugs*
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