O/T - hormon alert :)


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I was chatting with a friend in the US earlier in the week who was watching the 1st episode of Lost and apparently Sawyer spends a lot of the episode wet and topless.

I apologise for this gratuitious drool about naked male flesh.:giggle:

Oh roll on 9pm tonight!!!!
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Cant wait for it,must get the tissues ready to wipe the dribble from my chin, I just love LOST and with the added bonus of near naked Sawyer I m gonna be a happy girl :D


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Im dreading it starting... cos i know it will be on my sky+ - OH loves it ...me ..cant stand it - I'm lost !!
I must be the only person that hates it cos all my work mates rave on about it !!


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No I've never got into it either! I gave up half way through the first series. Did the big guy ever lose weight?


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Ohhhh i love lost and with the bonus of topless Sawyer even better!! Hopefully Jack will get in on the act too!! lol


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i have got the first two episodes downstairs on DVD..not watched them yet though! oh i love sawyer, there are no words to describe his yummyness! have you seen the cool water advert?! phwoar!!