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O/T im frightened


please try again
sat here its 9pm so far ive had stuff chucked at my window and kids are round my par trying to get a look inside ( i have privacy glass ) really need to go and put my sterring lock on as i forgot earlier but im too scared, they chased me once throwing fireworks at me
normal people ring the police but they never turn up round here and last person this end of time to tackle the thugs was killed
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Omg, in what kind of neighbourhood you live, terrible. Maybe you can call a friend or neighbour? I really don't know a good answer right now, sorry.



please try again
i live in west belfast, this is common for the area i live in, its happened b4, unfortunatly i have no friends or family over here, love the place but cant wait till i move back to england next year
Personally, Id stay inside, if your car is locked and secure (apart from the steering lock) is it really worth going out?

I know its no consolation, but with regards to the police, theyre kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Youth disorder is such a problem, but most forces dont have the resources to deal with it, I know its no excuse, but its the truth.

Id stay inside and ignore them



please try again
cant see em out the window anymore ( i peek out the side of the blinds so they cant see me ) hoping they dont come back but its still early

at least they didnt wake ruqayyah, last time it sent her heart rate up to 190 and her sats dropped to 60 so nearly had to call an ambulance
omg you poor thing that's terrible to be living in fear like that, isnt there anyone who can help you? xxxx


please try again
the kids are back and theres even more of them!
there across the street and a few doors down at the moment and they are acctually standing infront of a cctv camera


Unzipping the fat suit
Hi Claire,

please call the police, you never know, if they have someone nearby they might drive along your street and at least they would move on

thinking of you and hoping they go soon and leave you in peace


please try again
whats happened to todays youth!
these kids are bout 15 - 16 years old, im only 25 but never ever would have behaved like that, if i so much as looked the wrong way at an adult you got a slap
i must have been extremly lucky in the mothers draw as mine had my weeks activitys planned so i never had any spare time to cause mayhem


please try again
already called, refused to give my name or adress ( dont want cops on my doorstep, not in this area ) but they say its low priority and they will send someone when they have time i.e youve no hope and bob hope


please try again
we dont have community bobbies over here unfortunatly

some area's havea community restorative justice group ( this is a republican area ) but we dont and theres been some contraversy over them too

hoping they either get bored ( cos they obviously lurveeeeee the cold ) and go home or the police finish tea break and come on over
Sorry I know this is hard for you but I DO have to take exception to the comment about the cops finishing tea.

The division I cover is totally stretched, we had one car covering a ridiculous area today. Its not unusual for the guys to work an entire 8 or 9 hour shift with no break at all, which isnt right by anyones standards.

Most cops are totally over stretched and just as frustrated as the public are with the way things are but its totally beyond their control


please try again
sure, im sorry, bad tempered tonite
Hope you had a good sleep:)

How did it go the rest of lastnight Claire ?

I worked in Ballymagarry, Belfast for a few months this year, my van got vandalised 3 times in 2 weeks.
Very annoying, the police said there was nothing they could do either. :(

Hope you're ok tonight.

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