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O/T: Is getting pregnant the new national passtime????

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Sorry, I may be unpopular for this, and it is completely off topic - but am I the only one in t England that thinks its NOT OK to have a kid, "just cause"???

Since I left my job in January, about a dozen young single, erm, extremely "social" (that s a nice word for it) Young girls are all pregnant.

None of them married.

All of them in relationships I know won't last more the a few full moon cycles, etc...several of them binge drinkers, etc....

They are all popping up announcing they are pregnant.

Now, I KNOW there are some VERY capable single mothers out there, and I KNOW circumstances arise in some cases where women find themselves single.

BUT - this makes me sad, and now verging on angry.

What about the baby? What about the child that will grow up without a real FAMILY, because the man will be shot at the site of the first diaper, or at the first flirtation from a gal you is free from all the responsibility that comes with, it, etc.

I am quite liberal, and open minded - but GEEZ. Will SOMEONE stop and think about the 'family unit' that seems to be becoming, at an alarming rate, an endangered species???

I just learned a girl who is mentally unstable - had been signed off work for 4 months at least cause she could;t cope with the stress of working 9-5, is pregnant. Its not fair. Its not fair for the baby.

Tell you what - the values in this country in about 10-15 years seem, to me, to be a very scary thing, as all these little babes will grow up not knowing the importance of a family, they will be running the show.

<shakes head>

I think its a real cryin shame.

I don;t mean to offend anyone here - and again - I know there are some very responsible young women who are capable of raising a babe on their own - BUT - the babe misses out on the wonderful relationship with a father, and the fantastic experience of life as a family.

It just reallllllly gets to me.


alright alright - stepping off my soap box now. Just had to vent, cause it makes me so sad for all these littlens who are being brought into the world, simply as a possession, or a 'just cause' baby. I really feel for them. :(

Just had to rant.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
I feel I need to just add something here - because I worry I will offend the responsbile single mothers, and I know there are many many mayh of them....but this rants really directed at those, who have a baby, cause they are "bored" or just think it will be "fun" or because they are "sooooo cute" etc. They have them for a possession - NOT because they want a family, etc. For what I personally feel are all the wrong reasons.

I just did n;t want to hurt anyone, as I know sometimes things start with the right intentions, and go wrong -this is not what I am talking about here. :)
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sukie sue

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totally agree with you b.l , i know some of the best mums who unfortunately have ended up single , but especially around here , so many young girls want a flat and benefits so have a baby , i see it all the time and they are quite open as to why they want a child , makes me shudder , i see it often in around the 'bad' areas here 10 am people on thier doorsteps with a bottle of blue wkd or some such thing , scares the living hell out of me when i see the toddler/child sitting with a bottle of coke , no food and totally ignored .makes me beyond sad , poor kids !!!!!


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Ive been watching some of the BBC programes, one was about 2 girls who were 14 and 16 who wanted a baby - it showed them how difficult it is with a simulated baby, a body suit, a job etc etc - by the end they had decided that they didnt want one. Another one was on on Tue night and it was about these twins who were under 16, one was pregnant at 14, then her sister had got pregnant a year or so later (ther mum felt she'd done it for attention - WHAT!!?) Did anyone else see any of them? very interesting and did give an insight into the minds of these very confused, unsettled young girls. Such a shame. But I know 2 girls who had babies at 15, the children are well supported (one by dad, one with a permenant step dad) the mums both work full time and the children are doing well in school. Like BL I dont wanna offend or tar everyone with the same brush x


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I agree with you I can't understand why at such a young age they would want to tie themselves with children they have so many chances of enjoying their younger years
The travelling I would have done if the option was available when I was younger you wouldn't have seen me for dust
But I was a single mother at 18 my choice (bad relationship) & I have no regrets I did later marry & have another when I was 25 it was a much better age & I feel I was a better mother to my 2nd a lot more patient
I have told both my sons to enjoy their lives & wait to have families do everything they can while they can & they are so far


nearly there!! :)
i do agree that a child shouldnt be shought after just because the girl is bored or anything like that. it is sad ta see a child being pawned off on others just cause they didnt realise what they had let themselves in for, but i really dont agree with abortions so id prefer this than anything else.

BUT i no more than any one what its like!

i always said id love ta be a teen mom...even since i was like 10 (early developer), but didnt actually seek to achieve it.
i did however get preg at 15 even though it was an "accident" (sorry hate that word lol!) i eneded up a single parent (some lads really are shits and i might add he was old enough ta no wrong from right) and i really have never regretted my decision.
5years later and ive learned alot, and had ta grow up a lot, but i love it!
my bab has a permanent daddy (im with him since i was preggers), i went on, finished school and in the middle of getting my degree in accounting. also been living with my bf for the last 4years.

i dont understand why people think when ur preg u get loadsa benefits. ye ok u do qualify for some things, but although it sounds like a lot it really isnt its still hard to get by etc and not all rosy in the garden.



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Mum I have somehting to tell you. ME and my sister are having a baby jsut cause its fun. Sorry.

(plays deliverence music)


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I work in benefits and see it day in day out, on the front line. I could write pages about all the ways the welfare system in this country is totally abused, how theiving scumbags benefit from a life on the scrounge while honest hard working people struggle and work their asses off for every penny.


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I saw it during my 2 months on benefits after being laid off. I used to go into the offices in my shirt and tie. But there were kids there. Kids......... no older than my 18 year old sister, getting stuff. What have they put into the economy to take out?

p.s. I'm back in employment now. I've only been unemployed for 2 months since the day I left uni so i think I deserved the benefits I scrounged.

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