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o/t Jade Goody x

Just to remind anyone that may want to watch it that Jades latest show is on tonight on living at 9 !
I no im going to be devastated watching it but she has caused so much awareness of this horrible disease and that can only be a good thing x

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will be sky plussing it x
I won't watch it as I can't (get to upset).
She is raising so much awareness and that is so good.
She gets married on Sunday I believe - what those poor boys of hers have yet to go through without their mum?
i have a son thats a bit younger than Freddy ( her youngest ) and my greatest fear is that something happens to me and he " forgets " me. Photos and tales are no substitute for 1st hand memories, at least they have a mum they can be so proud of and have so much footage of


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I won't be watching it as this sort of television does not interest me in the slightest BUT that doesn't mean I don't agree with what she is doing.

Firstly, if I was in her situation and had the opportunity I would do EVERYTHING to make money for my son's future. Secondly, she has raised awareness of this terrible illness in a way that nothing else has before.

I DO understand the misgivings of those who are uncomfortable with the publicity etc but I admire the girl totally.
I won't be watching, I don't think it is very entertaining subject, it is so sad, I feel so sorry for her family.
whats not an entertaining subject? she's planning her wedding tonight - thats an exciting time for her, one that she wants to capture on film, and one that the public want to watch. yes of course people feel for her family and as someone else has said, how brilliant that the memories can be captured on film for her friends and family to watch again and again xxx
I have sky plused it and think she is a very clever and brave girl.

My heart goes out to her and her children.
Just watched it- she is such a brave lady! Very sad and moving television. I completely understand she is doing this for her kids and to help give recognition to what many of us are blind to.
At the beginning Jade says that she didnt fully understand what cancer was.. just some nasty disease that makes ur hair fall out, well you your not on your own hun coz alot of us dont fully understand. I suppose no one will until it happens to you? :( God bless her- I truly hope she has her dream day on sunday and her wedding is perfect! xx
I've just finished watching it tonight - have not seen the previous episodes as it is not the type of program I would normally watch - but I somehow felt a compulsion to. I've not been much of a Jade fan, but you've just got to take your hat off to the girl.

I hope she has the most fantastic day this Sunday and enjoys every last moment of it - and that it will be a lasting memory for her man, her boys, her mum, friends and family to hold onto.

I, for one, will raise a glass to her and wish her every happiness and strength in the days ahead.
if your on virgin it may be on catch upo on demand?


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I don't think I can watch this at the moment as this is happening to my mum too she also has months to live , she is 63 , she was told on the 2nd Jan the bad news . god knows whats going on in jades head , angry and scared , leaving two little boys behind , just think its so unfair
I felt so sorry for her Mum when she was being interviewed. Trying so hard to hold it together because she felt she had too and then breaking down :( It is such a sad situation and as a Mum my heart went out to her and Jade.


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I can't believe she is only two years older than me i nag and nag and nag my friends to get checked and now that it's in the public eye it can only be a good thing i think she is trying to make the best out of a horrible situation and i feel truly awful for her it's noty often i get overly emotional over strangers but i often feel she gets a bit of a raw deal cause she was always portrayed as a bad guy blah blah the rest of it as far as i'm concerned she is a hell of alot smarter than anyone gives her credit for and she has done great for herself i hope her wedding goes off without a hitch and she manages to find a little happiness before she goes because i am truly sad about the whole thing.

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