O/T Jamie Saves Our Bacon


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ok before im thrown tomatos at me (please be gentle)
farming today is more kinder to the animals than it has ever been.
Yes its not nice to watch, but they dont feel it when they are slaughtered, as like the programme showed. it is far more humane than other country's and if you eat meat then you know they are killed.
Sometimes its a case of ignorance is bliss.
I used to live near a slaughter house, so i have seen it for real.
You wouldnt believe that some people didnt know how it got on the supermarket shelves.

I do agree with them showing the programme, as last year with the chickens, as i try and buy free range as much as possible, and i have free range eggs all the time, but i wont stop eating meat.

Also the butcher on the programme is our local butcher but we dont go to him as you need a mortgage he is that expensive ( and he struts around the place like a cock does(the bird type lol) just because he keeps getting awards)

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I agree with BevR. Farming has definitely changed over the years...I used to slaughter lambs and chickens, so I think I can safely say I do know what happens!
I still eat meat. Hubby was an environmental health inspector and told me how cows were killed in the abortoirs, then the process of making a sausage...it hasnt put me off.
The only difference these programmes has made to me, is make me more aware of quality of meat. Even my 3 year old Daughter knows that cows give us milk, beef and pigs....bacon, sausages and ham etc.


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I cried like a baby after watching the first 15 minutes. I had to turn off. But I will, from now on ensure that I eat only British pork.

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I think these programmes are important in educating us, I agree that farming methods have improved, but we need to remember to support our local and national producers, the last thing Jamie or Hugh wanted was to put people off buying meat or chicken, they just want us to think and buy more ethically produced food rather than cheap imported stuff like the Danish bacon. I try now to use local suppliers for meat, and just eat it less often.


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I disagree that animals are slaughtered kindly - often the stun gun used isn't put on properly and they are treated without a single bit of kindness when going to be slaughtered. Have a look at the video "meet your meat" if you want more evidence.
Factory farmed animals have the worse life ever, some never seeing daylight during their short sad lives. Dairy cows are kept pregnant for their milk and their babies taken away from a very young age. Male calves then either get slaughtered or used as veal and kept in veal cages, another very barbaric practise. We are the only species that drink the milk of another, yet there are always campaigns telling us how "milk is good for us" .... the truth is it isn't !
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and most will disagree with me, but unless you can follow your "dinner" from birth to the table I really do not see how you can see it is treated fairly !


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I thought it was really interesting. Was so pleased to hear that Britain had much more stringant rules about how pigs were kept than in the EU.

Did feel very sorry for the farmers who are losing out because of those rules though. Not that I'd want the rules changed back because of it, but wish the rule extended so that we weren't allowed to import foods from other countries you use methods banned in the UK. Yeah, know we can't...free market and all that :(

Hats off to Jamie yet again, for knowing exactly which mountains he wants to move and having the courage to speak up and do something about it in such a diplomatic way. And he does it so well.

I'm another one who will be looking for that Union Jack on the packs when I go shopping.


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Yes it definetly opened my eyes. It would be nice if our major supermarket chains could support british farming more by buying in only british products- though it is more expensive at the moment if more people bought and more contracts were made between british farmers and suppliers im positive the price would eventually lower!
Yes im also looking out for the union flag and red tractor!