o/t - job offer - credit checks? Advise?


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Hi chaps a starnge question for you -

A friedn of mine had an excellent interview today for a large company that is governed by FSA - all was going fab - the job is a customer advisor - will be promoting insurance policies as part of the job - at the close of interview the interviewer just mentioned that all successful candidates are credit checked as they are governed by FSA - my friend asked what they were looking for - the interviewer didn't know -- can anyone spread any light?
Hiya, I think its to do with money laundering. & fraud...theres been so many scams over the last few years, and so many cases of criminals placing people in institutions in order to defraud them that companies are being more careful. I wouldnt worry about it, I would say its just to make sure ur friend is actually living within her means and that there are no anomilies in her finances
They may also ask for a constabulary certificate, a DP1, this is to check criminal records, I too am goverend by FSA and this is what I had to get, but all companies may be different
thanks guys - she isnt worried if there is a criminal search but she does have a small ccj (settled which is one year old) and due to a relationship breakup has one credit card with some payment difficulites - her other cards are fine. - Well she'll just have to wait and see - but it doesn't look that good now.
I dont think they will be worried about a small ccj and a credit card, I think its more to make sure that if you spend more than you have that you actually owe it somewhere and the the money you have anyway is ligit. As you said, she'll just have to wait and see....depending on the outcome of the search the company might not be too bothered. If she goes online she can get her own credit search anyway for a small fee so at least she knows wat they are likely to see,
Thanks Kazz - I'll tell her that -s he really wants the job and felt that she had done a really good interview and came out and burst into tears because of the credit check - poor thing she is only trying to get her life back on track. I know loads about recruitments so can normally really help her - but this whole cc things I haven't ever come across - but at least we have some idea now.

Thanks xx
Just to warn you, I worked for a large bank as a customer adviser and they had said the job was subject to credit checks. I thought it was all ok, until 2 weeks ago, about a month after I started when I was suspended due to a bad credit check. Turned out that because I had worked in America they had checked my credit rating over there too which showed up $25 not paid to a doctor I had seen over there. (The bills had been passed straight to my insurance) and they fired me because of my credit history.
Credit checks for jobs???

Blimey - I'll never work again!! :(
Get your firend to check her report with experian. We had a case in work where one fo the girls had a setted CCJ but it was showing as unsettled still on her report.
She had to write to the court and ask them to manually change the status, and just provide them with a copy of the settlement letter.

It's becoming more and more standard practise these days in any job where you could profit from selling information.

Hope that helps

Kitty xx
thanks - she has got offered the job - and is over the moon - BUT is gonna speak to HR on MOnday and explain and get them to do the credit checks prior to her starting on 6th Novemeber. Fingers crossed for her xx