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O/T - Jobs/Careers

Foo Fan

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Hi All,

Just wondering what do you all do for a living? :character00148:

Also do you think of your job as "just a job" or a career..

And what would your dream job be?

Sorry about all the questions!!!

P.S - I work in a control room and work 4 days on 4 days off (also this is just a job:p)...
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Ive been a driving instructor for 7 years and absolutely love it :D my own school and see it more as a social day out than work :woohoo:
I work as an administrator in a school records office. I love the people I work with (and the large amount of holidays I get!), but it's just a job to me. A means to an end and nothing more!
I'm a motor claims/credit control handler. To me its just a job and pays the rent!

Dont know what I'd do for my dream job...... lady of leisure? lol no not really but I could if I had millions in the bank to keep me occupied! :D


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Police officer for me, I love the job, wouldn't do anything else especially as I am an old student lerning new tricks which just goes to prove you are never to old to learn, I have 3 children the eldest one is disabled and therefore stayed at home for a lot of years, then decided 1 1/2 years ago its now my time to do something for me, hence the job.


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I work in admin for a very large media organisation you will have heard of. It's horrid and I hate it! Just a job! My dream job would be working for a charity such as amnesty international or womens aid. I quite like working in admin for the time being (just not my current job!) but would love to go to uni one day to to social care or psychology. Just a dream!


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I'm a nurse and I work in A&E. I love it most of the time, my training was very hard, and to be honest, not realistic enough. I don't think I was prepared to be a registered nurse. it is very much a career, although I'd really like to become a professional photographer.
WOW Ruthg that really is a change from nurse to photography lol

Good luck to you though and hats off to you for doing what you do now im quite envious as really want to become a midwife but too scared to take the step away from what i know :confused::(


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I'm a manager at a multi-plex cinema. it's a great job, I love all my staff and it's not bad seeing all the new films for free! However, I know I'm not gonna be there forever. Ideally I'd love to be a midwife, like MrsEssex! xx


is back to finish the job
I work for a bank as a senior business analyst, and if you'd asked me a couple of years ago I would've said it was a career. Now though I'd say it's just a job. Having a baby has changed my priorities! I start back to work next Wed after more than a year off. Feeling a bit nervous about it as I can't remember much about work! I really enjoyed my year at home - but I definitely wasn't a lady of leisure!


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I'm a nursery nurse. Fine or now, fits in around my husband's career (he is in forces, I ALWAYS get work lol). Also fits in around my son's school hours and holidays. Fulfilling as it is, it is also thankless most of the time, poorly paid and is being overtaken by paperwork and red tape.

My dream job would be a Health Visitor's assistant, someone who goes around with a Health Visitor weighing babies, giving advice on feeding and sleeping, routines etc etc. I'd love to be a Health Visitor but you have to be a Nurse first and I know I wouldnt be able to cope with that.


can see the end in sight!
I wanted to be a nurse for a while but you guys are so underpaid and underappreciated for what you do! Plus I have a vomit phobia.
I'm an ER/Employment Law Adviser..Dream job would be working for the BBC Natural History Unit...unless I was rich enough not to work, then I would like to be Nigella Lawson! x
Its the pay that puts me off becoming a midwife as i earn really well now i just couldnt cope financially with the drop :sigh: its a shame though

Hannah - bet your excited for NY :D i went 4 years ago and flippin loved it will be going back next year
I work in admin for a company that arranges physio for people who have been in car accidents (mostly). It's just a job to me that pays for my florida holidays and CD!
My dream job would be an artist, I've always loved my art bu I just don't have the time I'd like to do it at the moment what with the job and my DD.
I am a ward manager in older people's mental health in the NHS.(ward sister in olden days of nursing) It is my career. I really like the ward and team I am working in.
I trained in the 70's when we were called psychiatric nurses. Left to bring up 4 kids and returned to full-time work in the late 90's. It is more a way of life than a job!
In an ideal world I would live the good life in the South of France with the same income!
I am starting a photography course this week.............dream job peut-etre?

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