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O/T: Jobs?I


A moaning old boot!!!!
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I just thought I would start this new thread to see what kind of jobs everybody has.

So............what do you all do for a living? And what about it do you find helps you/doesnt help you while you are following SW?

I volunteer in doctors surgeries helping people with mild to moderate mental health problems and I am also a checkout supervisor at my local Somerfield.
Working there is obviously good as there is such a selection of food to choose from during breaks but it is also bad when you are on a checkout and have all the different fatty things right under your nose!!!
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I work for the Department of Psychiatry Learning Disabilities Services within Suffolk Mental Health as my main Monday to Friday job.

I also work as a trackday marshall at weekends :D


Minimins is the best!
i work for EDF Energy as an administrator for major business contracts..metering stuff..blahblah blah.
I dont mind my job but working in an office is hard to keep to diet when you get BORED!! i fill my drawers with free stuff to snack on, mug shots, snack couscous, fruit and mullers etc!!!


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im a nursery nurse and work as hca at local hospital

soon to be a student nurse !


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Ooh, great thread - I love nosey threads!!
My job is working with quality management systems, auditing etc. for a utility company. I love my job!!
It's hard in the office as we are surrounded by biscuits and it's also hard when I work from home as I am surrounded by my cupboards and fridge contents!!


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I'm a teacher - 11-18, difficult city comprehensive. On a good day, the best job in the world...on a bad day, shocking!


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Hey Guys

Mon -Fri im a sales co-ordinator for a Manufacturing & distributing company, our main areas are Boilers & Solar products.

On the weekends I work in a residential home on night shifts, making sure the residents are safely tucked up in bed, and then getting them up and dressed in the morning.

Took on the second job as I found the money handy but now I really enjoy it so much, it's hard work but it really is so rewarding!


P.S Love this thread!

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I work for a national charity, in a youth worker/activity worker sort of role. We run 12 week development courses for 16-25 yr olds. I love my job, it's so varied and I get to do fun things like abseil, gorge walk, army days etc. it's great to see the young people develop over the 12 weeks. There are hard moments, but the good bits far outweigh the bad!

SW-wise it's both good and bad!

Good cos I am way more active than in my old job.

Bad cos somedays I don't know where I'm going to be at lunchtime so I can't always take a SW lunch with me. Also bad because I work away 6wks of year and its fully catered and can't make own SW food at the venue! Also I work with 3 men whose lunch consists of big sandwich, pasty, crisps, choc and a cake!! Or chips!! And they laugh at my salads, but always steal my grapes.



I am one of the 63336
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I work for a company named AQA 63336. I answer text questions that people text in - everything from next trains to film times to restaurant recommendations to baby names. Absolutely anything and everything. It's all done on the computer from home (which means no escape from food!!!!).

I also volunteer in the HR department of a local private hospital which is also a charitable trust.


I am one of the 63336
S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
If I don't know the answer then I pass on it and there may well be someone who then picks it up who can answer it. I can have a pass rate of 45% each month and must have a hard rate (where 5 people have already passed on the question) of at least 8% each month.

It is a great job for someone who doesn't have to be the main wage earner (although some people do do it full time) as you are self employed and are paid for what you do - and it can be slow - and I can pick the hours I do so can work around school hours.

Saturday's are good with football results and and reality show results.

We were tested by Watchdog a month or so ago (along with 118118) and we HAMMERED them. We got a 90% accuracy mark but Watchdog marked us wrong so we were 95% accurate.

They're not employing at the moment but if anyone is interested, keep an eye on the vacancies page at www.63336.com as they do advertise periodically.


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I teach people to make money by setting up their own business. It's great fun, very rewarding and I work with fantastic, positive, motivated people.

I love what I do and it's flexible so I work when I want sometmes from home, sometimes across the UK at our training centres. I can do as many hours a week as I choose but I'm a bit addicted I'm afraid!

Great post - I love to be nosey too!


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I train people in debt collection tactics! I have been a debt collector myself for years and now am a trainer and consultant to the finance sector, councils, trade organisations and debt advice charities on all aspects of debt and arrears. When not travelling round the country I work at home.

Main issues SW wise are staying in lots of hotels- it is difficult to foodoptimise 100% when you are not completely in control of each meal (am in a hotel tonight and ordered a grilled steak with new potatoes and salad- it arrived COVERED in butter and dressing so I was really pee'd off)


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I don't have a job as my son is disabled but over the years I've become involved in many things. I'm a governor at my son's school and the secondary school he is about to go to. I'm on the school PTA committee and a couple of other committees and I'm also pretty involved in parent participation in improving services for children with disabilities. Recently I qualified as a Makaton Local Tutor (I can teach the sign language that Mr Tumble on CBeebies does). Most days I have at least one meeting to go to and so I keep very busy.

Luckily I have a good arrangement with my husband. He earns the money and I spend it. I can also say that I'm very good at my part of the arrangement.


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I'm currently an exam invigilator at a local college - so busy atm!
I would like a more permanent job though, as doing what I do you can have months without work, but it pays well when you get some!

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