O/T Just had some sad news...


I've just been told one of my former teachers, who i'd spent a lot of time with when my mum was ill, died on Christmas Day.

Her and her husband were found dead at home due to suspected gas poisoning. I'm really quite upset about this.
Her mum had died of cancer and we had long chats about it all, i last saw her when i was working at Claire's, i pierced her granddaughters ears and we chatted about school times.

Bloody hell, life is too short, she was the same age as my mum.
I've called my school and have been put on a list to be notified of the funeral arrangements.
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Am quite new here but didn't want to read and run. I'm so sorry to hear your news, life really is too short.

Laura x


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Oh so sorry to hear that hun, things like that knock you for 6, especially the way they died, it is so sad. I am here if you need to talk xx


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:hug99: xxxxxx


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I saw this on the local news and people were saying what a nice couple they were. ((((Hugs))))