O/T: Keratosis Pilaris (Red dots on backs of arms)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Fattack, 29 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Fattack

    Fattack Likes to eat

    Hello ladies and gents \o

    Though not related to CD, I have a question about products - and you folks are all so knowledgeable I thought I'd give it a shot!

    I have Keratosis Pilaris - basically, red/purple dots on the back of my arms. I've only developed this in the last year / two years or so, and am wondering how I can GET RID.

    I've been to my GP, and he recommended exfoliating (I use Boots Botanics Sugar Scrub), using E45 to moisturise, and a cream to thin the layer of skin. However, it's not worked :(

    Has anybody got any tips on how to beat the dreaded KP? It would be rubbish to be able to get my arms out for the first time in years because they're slimmer... but have to clothe them because they're RED!
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  3. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    I think drinking lots of water is supposed to help, it will help purify the skin. I think it really is just a case of water and exfoliation. I have this too, it sucks :lilkiss:
  4. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

    didnt know it had a name! had this for years, just figured thats the way they were supposed to be since i also have campbell de morgan spots all over me
  5. sasha23

    sasha23 Member

    there is apparently no cure for KP, the doctors gave me a cream called aquadrate- has 10% urea and i bought something from america called Glytone KP Kit lol apparently glycolic acid based things will just help make it less noticeable, but like stretchmarks..no cure :-(
  6. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    I used to have it, i exfoliated every time i was in the shower and applied E45. I know dont have it at all.

    It does work, you just have to be patient. My sister also has it but it flares up occassionally and so does mine.

    Keep going with the exfoliating and moisturising. All the water we drink must be doing some good too :)

    Chin up hun! x
  7. Fattack

    Fattack Likes to eat

    Thanks ladies <3

    I think I'll just keep trying, I've been at it for about a month exfoliating, creaming and moisturising with no real change, and it's so frustrating as I never *used* to have it! I might try a different exfoliant...
  8. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    I was told not to use an exfoliating cream as such but just a sponge with the exfoliator on the other side and then as much e45 as possible. (I use Avons body yoghurt though) Took me about 6 months to get rid of mine.

    Good luck hun and be patient x
  9. Fattack

    Fattack Likes to eat

    6 months? That actually makes me feel a lot more positive that it CAN be done, it just takes a while!

    Thanks doll <3

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