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O/T - Kick/Pillow/Leave


A moaning old boot!!!!
Just thought I would come on here to let off a little steam.

My bf went to watch the football today as a VIP with his 2 brothers and got free drink before and after the match. He went out at 2, came home at 8 and was struggling to stand because he is so drunk.

After not managing to eat the tea that I had cooked so lovingly for him :) he has lay on the floor, with his feet up on the sofa and has fallen asleep. But now, he is blocking my way out the room and he is snoring SOOOOOOOO LOUDLY!!!!!

So, my question to all you lovely people is, should I kick him? Put a pillow over his face? (Obviously not for so long that it would hurt him! :) ) or leave him alone?

Im kind of not liking the last option..............haha..............anyway, moan over!!! :) :) :)
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I'd kick him, not hard but a fair nudge would be perfect.

But maybe that's just me!!
Leave him alone and make him pay for it tomorrow!!!!!!!!

You poor thing. Have you got a girlie DVD you can watch? Paint your toenails, facepack etc... Or better still.....paint HIS toenails!


A moaning old boot!!!!
:) :) I was thinking of getting my eyeliner and drawing on his face, maybe a cat or something.

I am just sitting watching Final Destination 3 coz we are supposed to be watching the new 3d one 2moro...........................where he will be paying for the cinema and he will pay to go out to eat as punishment for tonight. haha

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol, so what evil deed did you do Hun??


A moaning old boot!!!!
As much as I wanted to, I couldnt be cruel, so I put a blanket over him and left him there whilst I went and enjoyed the king size bed all to myself. BLISS!!!!!!! And luckily I couldnt hear his snoring from the bedroom :)

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