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o/t My partner today


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My goal is a size 12, which i really want to get down to. My partner who ive been with 2 years and love to peices hasnt yet proposed :(, but he knows how much i want too! He told me if i get down to a 14, he will propose!!! So not even my main goal, and he wil propose! i was shocked, cause normaly he wont even talk about marrige!
So i NEED to get to a size 14 asap lol, he also told me if i cheat he will be so mad and upset lol, hes worried about my health :ashamed0005:. Has anyone gone from size 20+ to 12-14?
im worried it wont suit me lmao!
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Hi Kimmie

How exciting and if it gives you a real incentive, brillopads!!

It is totally possible I went from a size 20/22 to an 8/10 so go for it!



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the doc told me today my 12stone goal was impossible lol cause i CAN NOT remember when i weighed 12stone tbh! i cant remember when i was small then a size 20
Of course you can do it but it has to be also that you WANT to do it for yourself; being the case, you will succeed. Good luck on choosing what is good for you; it wont happen overnight but it will happen relatively quickly if you persist with it. Keep posting your progress, because we shall support you all the way. Posting is very important to keep you focussed on what you are trying to achieve and reading other posts all builds up the arsenal of weapons you have to battle your way down to your target. Start with a short term target and build on that first, this way you keep yourself within range of achieving your target and moving on down to the next.


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to lose long trek- im doing this for me, im so determend, i need to do this, else il end up having a heart attact! also im doing it for my baby girl, i want to run around after her, and i do not want her to be bullied, or to eat like i do/did! im more determend at this diet then anyone ive tried before. Roll on may!
I've been reading your posts the last couple of days and I really wish you the very best of luck with your diet when you are eventually allowed to start, and I hope that you get to start really soon



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hedgehog, thank you very much! well done on the weightloss! =]
Fantastic incentive xKx .... I too was a size 20/22 and went down to a size 12/14. You can do it and we'll all support you every pound of the way.

Why don't you start a diary thread and update it every day .... and then we can all see how you are doing, help with any queries and enjoy hearing about your baby - and then fiance!!!
Hi xKx the idea of a personal diary thread sounds marvellous cos we can watch your progress and encourage you all the way. You do sound very determined and deserve all the support in the world. Keep posting and know that you are amongst friends on this forum.
Huge hugs :hug99::vibes::grouphugg:

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